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BOTE Presents San Somewhere

San Somewhere

We went to visit Ron Davis, the owner of Tillman the skateboarding dog, to meet his new pack in Mexico. What we found there was a mix of fun and crazy that we couldn't wait to share.


Motorcycles have always been a passion of mine. I starting trail riding as a teenager and spent countless hours in my garage turning nuts and bolts and rebuilding engines without any real guide for what I was doing. I just loved it.


From growing up surfing daily to becoming a Hollywood artist turned family man - Chris Taloa's deep appreciation for his homeland of Hawaii and mentality of always remaining pure of heart has shaped his life and how he shares it with the world.

The Perfect Season

If you went looking for a gritty community with a hardcore love for the ocean, even in the bleakest of winters, you’d probably end up in New England. If you stuck around long enough, you would run into people like Willis who will tell you that winter is the perfect season.

City + Wild

To many, there is a clearly defined separation between living an urban lifestyle or living in nature. Living in a city can expose one to many different cultures and experiences.

My Brother

As brothers, Eric and Evan Geiselman grew up doing pretty much everything together. Having parents that fostered a life on the water from a very young age, a father who shapes surf boards and a mother who also surfs, it almost seems pre-ordained that these guys would end up accomplished watermen.

Blue Bus Adventures

Nick Cahill and Jessica Perez are a couple who recently moved from Lake Tahoe, Nevada into their tiny home on wheels, a converted 1988 Thomas school bus. Initially they didn’t have plans to live full-time on the road in their bus as this was originally purchased as their Burning Man rig, but as they dedicated more time and money into transforming a school bus into a home. 


It's not every day that you meet a person who knows how to live as primitively as possible, none the less, someone who dedicates their life to teaching others how to do so too. After hearing about an Ex-Navy Seal named Madison Parker, who’s not only a legendary master of primitive survival skills but also teaches them to platoons of active-duty seals...

Murphy: Simmer Down

This five-year relationship between BOTE and Sean Murphy all started with one image. An image of an attractive blond girl standing on top of a blacked-out postal truck, pouring gasoline down onto the head of the driver. A picture is worth a thousand words – but this one spoke millions.