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What to Wear While Paddling

What to Wear While Paddling

We've encountered just about any type of weather you can dream of in our paddling adventures, so we've become pretty adept at how to dress for the occasion. Follow these tips and you'll be comfortable regardless of sun, heat, snow or wind.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: What Never Was

Corey and Sean discuss a canceled Wake SUP project. Even with the best intentions, some projects just don’t see the light of day. Shot with Billy Rossini and friends in North Carolina, this was one for the books. So sit back, press play, and discover the Rover that never was.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: The Compound

Corey and Sean talk about both of Sean's LA and Fort Walton Beach Compounds. From SWAT raids and cement mixers to pit bulls and community outreach, the Compounds have been a catalyst for some extremely creative inspiration and expression.

SUP Yoga For Beginners

If you've ever been curious about SUP yoga here's the perfect guide to get started. This guide answers everything from board type and positions to what to wear during paddle board yoga. (And remember: falling is half the fun!)

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Keys Reloaded

Corey and Sean talk about what it was like putting the Rovers to the test for the first time in the Florida Keys, including slipping into the mangroves and going full throttle while key-hopping.

Get Pumped: A Guide to BOTE Pumps

Explore the differences in the BOTE pump lineup. Learn how each one differs, what they're best suited for, and gather tips and tricks for utilizing them effectively.