Beneath the Surface: Darkroom Revival

Episode 52 //
Darkroom: Unfiltered

Welcome to the fifty-third installment of BOTE's Beneath The Surface podcast. In this episode, Sean & Tyler, BOTE's dynamic video and photo duo travel to visit two of BOTE's newer ambassadors: Jennifer Adler and Ian Segebarth. Sean sits down with these two hardcore adventurers and explorers to learn more about how they incorporate BOTE into their lives. So sit back, press play, and enjoy.

Coming at you direct, from the middle of nowhere, to the center of everywhere.

Picture of the Darkroom
Corey looking at the Darkroom

Rich History and a Wild Future
The guys working on a board
Fine details
Cutting the blank

Board in the Darkroom
Drawing of a project
Part 1 of Darkroom sign
Part 2 of Darkroom sign

Tail end of BOTE Flood board
Top half of BOTE Flood board
Corey sitting in a chair
Pair of shoes