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Joey Huempfner

BOTE Board Ambassador Joey Huempfner profile picture

Jupiter, FL


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BOTE Fitness Ambassador on the Valhalla board
Joey neck and neck on the BOTE Board Valhalla.
When Joey isn't on a BOTE Board, he is out exploring.
Joey and his BOTE Board Valhalla and winning a paddleboard race.

Growing up in South Florida has instilled in me a sound appreciation for the remarkable climate and natural environment of the area: the perpetual sunshine (except during hurricane season), the pristine beaches, the balmy breezes, and, most importantly, the abundant water.

Having been born in Miami,and living there for eight years, meant that I was able to spend weekends on the beach or on the boat in the Keys. When I finally moved to Jupiter in 2006, I was able to take advantage of its waterways and kayak regularly with my father. 

This was around the time when paddleboarding really began to take off in the area.  I remember being mesmerized by the sight of paddlers gliding across the horizon, which led me to set foot on a paddleboard for the first time in 2008. My first go on a paddleboard was through a local summer camp, and since then I've been hooked on paddling.

My foray into SUP racing is much younger than my interest in paddling in general, having taken up racing only around six months ago. Since then, I have been bitten by the racing bug: I joined a local race league and have entered several races. Out of the three races I have been in, I have earned a podium finish at all of them. Most recently, I finished second in the 14' 17U division im the distance race (on the 2015 Bote Valhalla) at the WPA world championship and third in my age group in the open race. The best part is that I'm just getting started racing, and am anticipating the enjoyment this sport will continue to bring me for years to come.

Outside of the SUP world I have excelled academically: I am a straight A student and am fortunate to be in the top ten students in my class at Jupiter High School. Prior to SUP racing I ran cross country and track, and continue to persue a healthy and active lifestyle, thanks to the support of my outstanding parents and brothers. I hope my focus and determination will lead me to  fulfilling pursuits in the world of SUP.