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Rover Micro Skiff

In order to make your mark on the world, you often have to make a voyage from the familiar into far off places where few have ventured or even dared. These journeys are necessary to discover our true selves and grow our knowledge of the world around us. We have developed a platform that will help you take that journey. A BOTE like no other, that will take you farther, faster than anything we have ever created. We call it Rover.
Rover Only
Rover Paddle Board
2 Piece Adjustable Paddle
ABS Plastic Center Fin
14′ L × 40″ W × 12″ D
500 LBS
Avg. Weight:
105 LBS
ABS Plastic Gatorshell Technology Learn More

Compare Sizes   Compare Sizes

If rider weight is within 50 LBS of a board's listed capacity, BOTE recommends upgrading to a larger capacity board.

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty

If our product isn't performing as it should, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

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Free Shipping on Orders Over $100

Free Shipping

Go ahead, make it yours! FREE shipping on orders over $100 in the contiguous U.S., including freight.

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Made With Gatorshell

Made With Gatorshell

Incredibly strong and stunningly beautiful, our line of Gatorshell boards are the toughest we've ever made.

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We created the Rover to take your fishing expeditions to the next level. The sunken cockpit and deep v-nose are designed to give you maximum stability with the agility to get you through even the roughest chop with ease. It'll turn on a dime and maneuvers like an angler's dream - so  you can stalk your catch wherever it may lead you.


Rover Advantages

Rover Advantages

1. Deep V-Nose

Slices Through the Water

2. Sunken Cockpit

For Lower Center of Gravity

3. Thick Rails

For Increased Stability

4. Connexsup

1/4:20 Accessory Mounting Points

5. Paddle Sheath

Keeps Your Hands Free

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What's Included

  • Rover Micro Skiff
    Two Piece Adjustable Paddle

    A well-balanced blade design provides great stability and good power. An adjustable shaft allows you to easily change the length.

  • Rover Micro Skiff

    The Moto Rac will fit securely to your board allowing your Rover to go from paddle to power in minutes.

  • Rover Micro Skiff
    Center Fin

    BOTE's custom-designed center fin is included with every rigid board. It's the best performing SUP fin on the market.

  • Rover Micro Skiff

    Vertebrae screw into the offset ConnexSUP attachment points along the rails and the Sandspear nestles in between them.



A newly engineered feature for the Rover is the Grab Rac. Insert into any of the Rac Receivers to further enhance your adventure. Use it as support while running or as you move around the deck. Nylon molle loops are riveted to the marine grade aluminum risers to allow for multiple gear attachment points. The BVA foam hook caddy will keep your go-to flies and lures easily accessible.



Strap in your favorite cooler to use as a seat (and ice box) giving you a comfy sitting position as you cruise. We prefer to use a Bucket Rac, which has extra rod holders and a KULA 5 cooler as the seat/ice box.



After a long day adventuring on the water it would be nice to have an easy way to transport your Rover back to your vehicle or storage area. Enter the Wheel Rac. Easily slip the Wheel Rac into the hull receivers and rock & roll. With the oversized balloon tires, the Rover will glide over almost any terrain with minimal effort.



When under power, the Rover is designed to lift the nose out of the water which provides a smoother ride and tighter turning. Use a tiller extension to stand up while you run giving you a top down view of your surroundings and leave the back deck open for plenty of room to move around while you fish.


Get Some

BOTE offers two power options, the Hidea 6HP outboard motor and the Hidea 9.9HP motor. Rover will run like a scalded dog reaching speeds of 19 miles* per hour getting you where you want to be faster than any BOTE we’ve ever made.



Fuel efficient, compact, and lightweight portable power, the Hidea 6HP outboard motor is an excellent choice for your Rover. This engine does that as well as providing fuel efficiency second to none and a redesigned carrying handle and holding grip make it convenient to transport!

Learn More


If you’re in search of a high performance engine to push your Rover further and faster while carrying more gear, the Hidea 9.9HP motor is the one for you. The portable HDF9.9 outboard motor is lightweight, compact, and powerful making it a great choice for powering your Rover.

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Displacement Hull

A displacement hull has a pointed nose which allows the board to cut through the water efficiently. It’s a good choice for fitness, extended paddling, and fishing.


Features only available on select styles

Displacement Hull

A displacement hull has a deep-v nose which allows the board to cut through the water efficiently. It’s a good choice for fitness, extended paddling, and fishing.


The Stashpod is a convenient storage container with an integrated bottle opener. It’s the best place to “stash” your keys or hold your beer.

Rac Compatible

Our paddleboards come with accessory integration systems that allow the paddler to “deck out” their board with our custom Racs.

Paddle Sheath

Located in the bow of the board, the Paddle Sheath™ allows the paddler to insert the blade end of the paddle into the slot, freeing up the hands for other activities.

Wheel Rac

Easily slip the Wheel Rac into the Wheel Rac receivers and rock & roll. The Wheel Rac’s oversized balloon tires will glide over almost any terrain with minimal effort.

SUP Lift Handle

A retractable handle that allows a significantly better way to carry, maneuver and manage your paddleboard out of the water.

BVA Deck Pad

The BVA multi-textured deck pad is heat sealed to shed water and provides plenty of anti-slip traction with ample cushioning to reduce fatigue.

Cooler Tie Downs

Tie down points on the deck of the board, perfect for lashing down a cooler (or other gear).


Adjustable Bungee Straps provide quick and easy storage of extra gear and are available on all of our board models.

Power-Pole® Micro

Mounting points for a Power-Pole® Micro wireless shallow water anchor.

Connex SUP Points

Accessory mounting points on the deck of the board for attaching additional rod holders, fish finders or other attachments.

Power Well

Inset power well improves performance and safety, allowing you to trim the motor up when paddling.

Lift Bar

Powdercoated aluminum bar for lifting and safety from motor.

FCS G5 Fin System

Attach additional fins (sold separately) for increased tracking while paddling

icon-compare Compare Styles


Rover’s modular Rac Receiver System allow you to configure Rover in a multitude of configurations by simply sliding the Rac of your choosing into the receiver in a matter of seconds. No tools required.


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We've run a lot of motors on the Rover and charted typical performance below. Remember that on-water performance is different for every combination of motor, Rover, load weight, load placement, and wave action.


With the motor trimmed up, Rover will float in 3” of water with 220lb load (Person, Gear, and Motor). You can access places no regular boat would dare venture. While paddling, the Rover lies down flat and allows the Deep-V nose to do it’s thing, carve through the water with silent efficiency.


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Use overlay text to give your customers insight into your brand. Select imagery and text that relates to your style and story.



The foot end of our optional Sandspear shallow water anchor is the perfect push pole getting you silently through the even the most shallow waterways without making a peep. And when you’re in position, drive the spike end into the bottom and tie off to it to hold position while you cast. When not in use, wedge the Sandspear between the Vertebrae rail attachments.

The Sandspear also works with the optional Power-Pole Micro Anchor. Sandspear sold separately.



The Power Pole® Micro™ wireless shallow water anchor system is a fisherman’s best friend. Slide up on your fishing spot in dead silence and use the anchor to keep your position regardless of current or wind. Rover has mounting points for the Micro™ on both sides of the board. BOTE’s Sandspear is interchangeable with the Power-Pole® Micro™ anchor.

Power-Pole® Micro™ sold separately.


Popular Accessories

Popular Accessories

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Rover Micro Skiff
In order to make your mark on the world, you often have to make a voyage from the familiar into far off places where few have ventured or even dared. These journeys are necessary to discover our...
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Nick .
United States United States
BOTE Rover - Duck Hunting GAME CHANGER!

The BOTE Rover has changed duck hunting forever! Clearly had to turn the white/teal Rover into something a bit less obvious, so after a quick camo job, it began to blend right in. I live and hunt on the Puget Sound, so always dealing with tides, which can be a terrible burden, even in my 17' Jet Boat that I bought specifically for hunting shallow tidal areas. Hunting alone, as I often do, really requires one's full attention, so you don't return to your vessel stuck hi-n-dry on the mud.........been there, done that! In my efforts to find a small vessel that I could personally move without help, I stumbled upon the BOTE Rover, and am I glad I did! I didn't want a kayak, as they're hard to shoot from and take too long to get to/from the blind, and though I was intrigued, I really didn't want to risk going for a swim using a traditional SUP. As soon as I learned about the Rover, it all came together immediately - benefits of a SUP, with the power/speed of a Jon Boat - PERFECT! After more than a dozen hunts, I have my Jet Boat for sale, and I never thought I'd give that thing up! Loaded down with decoys, 2 adult men, guns, ammo, gear, well over the 500lb capacity and we were still cruising at 9 mph with a Merc 6hp - blown away! Solo with light gear, I've managed about 16 mph. I'll certainly be upgrading to the 9.9hp sometime in the near future. If there was one thing I'd love to know - why not make these in a rotomolded polyethylene material, or something similar? I surf too, so fiberglass repair is something I know, but I HATE it! Hitting reef n pavement has created some extra work for me lately, so just curious where glass comes in over materials found in kayaks. A totally profound experience thus far - Thanks BOTE!

BOTE Rover Micro Skiff ReviewBOTE Rover Micro Skiff Review
Nick G.
United States United States
Bite rover

Looks great. Can’t wait to get it out and report back!

Mark L.
United States United States

Great stable platform to explore and fish. Great extended range with the addition of the motor! LOVE IT!!

BOTE Rover Micro Skiff ReviewBOTE Rover Micro Skiff ReviewBOTE Rover Micro Skiff Review
Ashton B.
Products and service are TOP NOTCH

Bought my classic late 2018 and absolutely loved it. Super shallow, super durable, SUPER STABLE and let's face its frkn sexy af. In between then and now, anything I contacted Bote about was handled quick and accurately. When I first ordered it it was delivered WAY faster than I expected to the local freight company and was able to contact bote to get me lined up to receive my rover at the fedex location, they went above an beyond to make that happen. I once called to get dimensions while I was at the hardware store and Chris put me on hold while he himself went measure what I needed. Today I was washing my rover and noticed laminations in a few places, so I took pics and called Katy with customer support and let me start by saying SHE IS ON HER S***. I explained my concern she shot me an email requesting the photos. From there she contacted their bote building "guru" and he requested a video of the area so he can verify there was no obvious mishandling damage (completely understandable) once he reviewed the video Ms. Katy called me back and gave me the option to to keep my board and get a new one at half cost, or be sent a replacement free of charge and split shipping cost to send the old board back (understandable and very reasonable). I chose to send them my old board and split the shipping cost. Before we hung up I told her when I ordered my first board I didnt realize I had ordered the "clasic" color and asked if it would be possible to get the new color scheme bug slinger. Again NOT A PROBLEM was what I was told by Ms Katy. She in no way shape or form had to do that, but she stands by keeping Bote customers satisfied. At the end of our conversation I looked at the phone and she had all this accomplished in 2 FRKKN HOURS, IVE WAITED LONGER FOR UBER EATS !!! Bottom line is Bote not only stands by their products but they stand with their customers. Bote has a lifetime customer out of me and anyone I can persuade to buy their products.

Michael G.
Bug slinger

I have had my bug slinger now for a little over a year and I am incredibly impressed with its handling whether you’re standing or sitting and the fact that I can creep in to water less than a foot deep is a major plus. And with the motor up or down I can stand on either side and it’s not tippy and I can stand on the front and paddle with the greatest of ease. Oh yeah and don’t forget you can surf it like a powered surfboard.. Lots of fun ....I give this one five stars Thank you Bote For another great board