BOTE Boards 10 years

Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation

Like many epic journeys – this one began parked in a garage. The vehicle wasn’t an automobile; it was an idea. Incubated in the heat and dust, it took several months of shaping before it crawled out, gasped for air, and filled its lungs with the life stoking oxygen of consumer demand.

Fueled not by money – but by passion. The tanks were to be emptied several times, pulling from the reserves of timely accomplishments and victories. The customers were always the spark.

BOTE Boards 10 years

The idea was honestly simple, to create a brand that reflected what we were passionate about. Quality, simple, innovative cool shit that did what we wanted it to do. We started with Stand Up Paddle boards because our lives revolved around the water. The simple and elegant way of being on the water via stand up paddling is hard to beat – from recreation to fishing, that craft can do it all.

The foundational pillars were Hard Work, Passion, Creativity, and Authenticity. We knew we couldn’t buy or fake our way into existence. Our theory was, ‘Let’s make cool shit for us – hopefully others will like it as well’.

Hard Work, Passion, Creativity
Woman on paddle board on truck
woman with paddle board

The idea spawned a business that has developed intelligence of its own. For ten years, the heart has been beating, the mind racing and sweat pouring. The products have continued to evolve and match our passions while staying true to our mission – Stand apart thru industry-shaping innovation, fresh ideas and simplicity to create a product that defines a lifestyle.

As we reflect on the ten years of this journey, the most fulfilling thing is that many other people have resonated with our incubated idea. And it’s to those people, our employees, customers, friends and family, we owe our sincere gratitude. You’ve all been the vessel to carry us forward, our BOTE.

BOTE Boards 10 years
BOTE Boards 10 years

Ten years is simply a mile marker; the journey continues. As humans, we aren’t perfect. But we’ve done our best to grow in our skin, become more self-aware, and make improvements.

We look forward to further maturing as a business while using the scars and bruises of our youth as reminders.

We can promise – we haven’t forgotten what it feels like to be parked in a garage. Let our story be a beacon of hope for those who still are.

BOTE Boards 10 years
Man with BOTE board
Bote board camping
Dog on BOTE chair
BOTE Boards 10 years
BOTE kayak

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