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Magda Cooper

Magda cooper with her bote wraith for her bote boards ambassador profile picture

Destin, FL


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magda pouring gasoline on ethan and bote boards jeep
bote ambassador on the yoga axiom paddleboard
magda cooper on the bote boards wraith paddling through bayou in florida panhandle
magda cooper with her son tristan taking time from paddleboarding to swim.
magda cooper bote ambassador paddling in a race
magda cooper enjoys paddling and watermelon in the keys on the bote boards photo shoot

I grew up in the water. The entire first 20 years of my life were spent in a swimming pool training to become the next Janet Evans. I slept, ate, went to school and swam…that’s it. I would hate to say that I got burnt out on swimming, but looking back, I think I really did. After college I took some time off from competitive sports but it didn’t take long for me to find another water sport that I loved! I began to paddle board for leisure, but my competitive spirit led me to racing…there is nothing like crossing the finish line first!

Although I love to paddle, I spend the majority of my time off the water with my husband and kids. I love my family and really enjoy doing things together. We live in Destin, Florida and get to experience great times together on the water just hanging out!

Favorite spots to SUP:

  • Destin Harbor
  • Crab Island