BOTE Presents //
No Quarter

Photography: Sean Murphy
Videography: Color Earth
Director & Script: Wil Beaucher
Story: Captain Jack Rackham

I’m still here.

Against tides, time, and odds, I’m still here. They told me I was a fool to search for something that could never be found. For something to quiet my restless spirit. And yet . . . I persisted.

My journey took me across many lands, from a monk perched atop the Himalayas to the depths of Davy Jones’ Locker. What I learned, I can never share. How do you put into words the tale of a thousand lives lived? The lines between wisdom and insanity have blurred with salt and years. But there are truths that I do know.

Burn the ships. Set the horizon aflame. Spare no mercy for those who stand against you. Take what is yours, and damn the rest.

And above all, give No Quarter.

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