Beneath the Surface: Mother's Day Eve

Episode 44 //
Mother's Day - Eve?

Welcome to the forty-fourth installment of BOTE's Beneath The Surface. Sean is sitting this one out. In his place is co-founder Magda Cooper. She and Corey discuss a little history of BOTE and how Magda's role(s) have evolved over the years. They also create a new holiday - Mother's Day Eve. Hmmmmmm, what do you think? So sit back, press play, and enjoy.

Coming at you direct, from the middle of nowhere, to the center of everywhere.

Kid jumping out of BOTE aero chair
Mom paddling a BOTE board with kid on it

Kid running through the water
Mom jogging behind stroller
Corey & Magda
Girl paddling in lagoon

Mom and kids on BOTE dock
Girl carrying BOTE slingpack
Mom and kids in BOTE aero chairs

Girl jumping into pool
Mom riding a bike
Mom sitting on couch with kids
Mom cooking dinner