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The Paddle Sheath™

BOTE Paddle Board Paddle holder

The Paddle Sheath™

Stand up paddle board paddle holder

We’ve heard the question a thousand times, “But what do I do with the paddle?”

What they are referring to is what to do with the paddle when you want your hands to be free from holding the paddle. Sure, you could lay it on the deck, but that would require a lot of up and down movement. Or maybe you could lean the handle on your shoulders with the blade on the deck, but you end up using your chin to support it. There are 100's of other awkward options of how to free your hands of the paddle. Some may say, “Hey, it's a stand up paddle board, you're supposed to have the paddle in your hands!” And, while they are mostly right, there is always going to be that time when you want to adjust your sunglasses, or grab a water bottle from the deck, or cast a fishing rod, or...

Yep, it could be REALLY convenient to be "hands free" if and when you need to be, but again, what do you do with that pesky paddle?

Fret no more, BOTE listened and we developed a simple and functional solution- the Paddle Sheath™.

We wanted a design that was simple and integrated into the board itself. Minimal was the word in bold on the drawing board. It needed to be very un-intrusive while maintain the level of elegance and simplicity that define our products and the very nature of stand up paddle boarding. It had to be ergonomically desirable and functional…

anatomy of the paddle holder

paddle in stand up paddle board paddle sheath

A paddler typically paddles from front to the back of the board. The paddle enters the water near the nose and is then withdrawn at about mid-board. Our paddle holder, the Paddle Sheath™ utilizes this motion in its functionality. It is placed inside the front of the board at a 45 degree angle so that the paddler can slide the blade into the Paddle Sheath™ in a similar motion as paddling. The design holds and secures the paddle by its blade using the cantilevered weight of the paddle itself to keep it inside, much like storing bottle of wine by the neck. The paddle can be inserted and retracted in the same motion as paddling.  

Staying in form with our design philosophy, the Paddle Sheath™ is a functional, minimalistic addition to our Rackham and Ahab paddle boards for 2015.  Whether it's to pick up a fishing rod to make a cast or just to take a break, the Paddle Sheath™ is a game changer.  You'll wonder how you ever paddled without one.


board board paddle holder

Published on Monday, March 09, 2015 in News, Stories