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Verge Camoflauge
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At BOTE our focus has always been innovation and creating products that define a lifestyle.

As our product applications have expanded, we had the idea to create something unique. Whether it’s gaining access to public land for turkey, a dry platform for waterfowl hunting, or getting flooded timber access to snag that trophy buck, we wanted to have you covered. So, we decided it was time to design our own camouflage pattern.


The idea of stealth has continually pushed us to develop industry-shaping products. Our Verge Camo pattern was uniquely designed to work across multiple platforms and diverse geographic arenas to conceal those who use our products for sport and the pursuit of adventure.

Rover $3499
Rackham $1899
Rackham Aero $1699
Rackham Aero
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All the gear you'll need for your next adventure.

KULA Softy 5 $269
KULA Softy 5
KULA Softy 2.5 $229
KULA Softy 2.5
Verge Camo Hat $25
Verge Camo Hat
Verge Camo Rackham, On Sale for $1899, SUP, Standup Paddleboard
Verge Camo Rackham AERO, On Sale for $1699, Carry it ON ANOTHER BOAT for a second means of transportation
Rackham Aero, can be easily washed or cleaned off before being stored.
Camoflouge Hunter, Verge Camo Rackham, Hunter, Marshhunter, SUP, hunter standing up paddling