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BOTE Retail Stores

Let’s face it, work is hard. But wouldn’t you rather be working and making money in an industry you are passionate about? If the answer is yes, we have a solution that anyone with motivation can do with minimal overhead.

National Map with BOTE Locations

The BOTE Retail Store Program is designed to help you create the perfect retail space to promote and sell BOTE products in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible by providing resources, guidance and marketing that streamlines the entire process of opening and owning your own business.

This proven program is designed for people who want to escape the typical corporate grind and allow their entrepreneurial ambitions to thrive in a stimulating and engaging industry by representing one of the most innovative companies in the outdoor industry. By immersing your business in the BOTE brand you will achieve success along side us as we continue to push the limits of the industry by crafting high-quality products that appeal to a wide variety of lifestyles. In return for your commitment we are providing you the opportunity to use the BOTE logo and brand to help grow your business.

Please take some time to learn about the program to determine if BOTE is the right fit for you.

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Why Represent BOTE

BOTE is one of the most innovative players in the outdoor and watersports industries with a proven track record for stellar growth. BOTE has become recognized as a premier brand and leader in the paddle sports market. Our products are designed to provide generous margins and improve incremental sales from accessories and apparel. Not only can you take pride in the quality of products you would be selling, motivated retailers can make a very good living.

Additionally, our marketing engine has proven to be a powerful voice that has helped the BOTE Brand stand apart from the competition. Become part of the BOTE family by opening your own BOTE Retail Store and we’ll help you grow your business alongside ours with a set of highly effective tools, guidelines and support.

Program Benefits

by becoming a bote retail store owner you will receive a tremendous amount of support directly from bote through marketing, resources, support, incentives, and access. From the very beginning, bote will be there to assist you with setting up your store to achieve maximum profits in the shortest amount of time. We have established specific pipelines of dedicated resources that will make the process as easy, affordable and as straightforward as possible.

Inside and Outside of Retail Store
Corey Cooper outside Original BOTE Store

The Original

We started our flagship store in Destin Florida from basically nothing. It started out of a 40 year old run-of-the-mill building who’s last life was a liquor store five years before. In other words, it was run down as hell. However, we could see the potential, we just needed to get rid of that funky “old bar” smell.

It took a ton of sweat equity and many, many long nights cussing at each other and drinking beer to bring the space to life. Ripping down old sheet rock, laying tile flooring, welding display name it we did it, and for the most part by ourselves. We really desired a space to show off our hard work, aka the BOTE Brand. Fortunately we were guided by the vision of having all of our products being displayed in an environment that allows them to come to life, almost like art in a gallery. In the end we were able to create what we feel is the “ideal” BOTE Experience and yes, we’ve got some cold beer on tap!

Like most things in life, it wasn’t easy, but the end result has been truly satisfying. This one store sells roughly 1200 boards per year with only one person running the store at a time.


Christie Rother and her Husband were so inspired by the Bote experience, they opened their own store in Virginia Beach, VA, and have seen great success in the program model. But don’t take our word for it.

BOTE Retail Store Virginia Beach
Christie Rother

“Five years ago, I was a stay at home Mom and BOTE was just starting to take off. I had been following them online and was continually inspired by this brand that Corey and Magda were creating. My husband looked at me one day and said, “Why don’t we bring BOTE to Virginia Beach?” That’s all it took, I was in 100%. We opened that first store and never looked back.

With consistent growth, we opened a new location last year and modeled this one after BOTE’s Destin Store. Incredible! We’ve seen such an increase in sales that we’re already looking at an expansion!

Much like BOTE, we started with humble roots, and simply keep pushing forward. We are forever grateful to Corey, Magda and to the brand they’ve created that continues to give us the opportunity to be successful doing something we’re passionate about. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

– Christie Rother

Common Questions

We know you have questions and we have answers. Here are a few answers to common questions to help clarify some program details. If there is anything you still have questions about, please contact one of our professional sales staff at 850-460-3310.

| is this a franchise opportunity?

No. There are no franchising fees, no royalties and no hidden costs. You would be an independent business owner and all of your profits are your profits.

| are there any restrictions or rules?

A few. Basically, we ask that you maintain a certain percentage of BOTE branded products in your store and that you follow our brand guidelines for creating the “BOTE Experience” within your retail space. A BOTE representative will call you to discuss the details once you complete the application.

| I already own a store, can I do this?

Of course. Converting your existing retail space to meet the guidelines of the BOTE Experience is pretty straight-forward.

| What about competition?

Our goal with this program is to restrict the density of BOTE Retail Stores in key areas so that those stores act as regional hubs for that area. BOTE Retail Stores will attract more customers interested in the BOTE Brand because customers will know that they can expect the best selection of BOTE products, knowledgeable sales staff and an immersive experience. Act now to establish a BOTE Retail Store in your region before someone else secures rights to that area.

| How do you know this will make me money

We have implemented the BOTE Experience model in several locations and the results have shown, year over year, dramatically higher sell-through rates than other dealer models.

| How much does it cost to get started?

It varies from location to location, but our model has been specifically designed to streamline every aspect of the process, allowing you to get started selling the BOTE brand with the lowest cost of entry possible.

| How do I know if this is right for me?

That’s easy. If you are passionate about the BOTE brand and the outdoor industry in general, possess an entrepreneurial spirit, and are motivated to make money then you can, and should, do this.

| how do i get started?

It’s easy, just fill out the application here.


Have more questions?

Our professional sales staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the BOTE Retail Store program.


Are you Ready?

We want to thank you for considering a partnership with BOTE. Whether on the salt flats of belize, the rivers of the great west or a small farm pond, we are a family and want you to be a part of our success.

Please complete the application to get started.

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