BOTE Traveller 140 Bug Slinger Fishing and Expedition Touring Paddle Board

Going the Distance...In Style

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I was born in the dark. I am bold, quick, steady, and can bear a heavy load. On my back can a paddler stand for many miles without fatigue. I am built for adventure, long days abroad, and covering great distances, so pack your gear. I will gain affection through my invariable responsiveness to the paddler. At full stride I am at home in open water, and at a trot it's the lakes and rivers at which I am equally comfortable. It's with ease that I can transport a paddler and with the same ease, I too can be transported. Click into my integrated Travelink™ system and carry me upon your shoulders. Weary arms can stow their paddle in my PaddleSheath. I am efficient yet smooth, stable yet agile, sexy yet tough. You needn't be a master to tame me as I can make even the newest of paddlers comfortable in the saddle. My name is Traveller, and I am a paddlers paddleboard...and that's straight from the horse's mouth.

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Bug Slinger™ styles showcase aggressive fishing themed graphics and feature through-holes which can be used to anchor your board using a stake-out pole.



  • Style
  • Dimension
  • Avg. Weight
  • Skin
  • Core
  • Max Capacity
  • Center Fin
  • Bug Slinger™
  • 14' x 29.5" x 7"
  • 42 Lbs
  • Fiberglass
  • EPS Foam Core
  • 350 Lbs
  • Included


BOTE Traveller Expedition and Fitness Paddle Board

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Features Bug Slinger™
Front Bungee Straps
What is Front Bungee Straps? Yes
Paddle Sheath
What is Paddle Sheath? Yes
Multi-textured Deck Pad
What is Multi-textured Deck Pad? Yes
What is Stashpod? Yes
What is ConnexSUP? -
Grab Handle
What is Grab Handle? Yes
Cooler Tie Downs
What is Cooler Tie Downs? Yes
Integrated Paddle Strap
What is Integrated Paddle Strap? -
Travelink™ System
What is Travelink™ System? Yes
Tackle Rac Compatible
What is Tackle Rac Compatible? Yes
Stakeout Holes
What is Stakeout Holes? Yes
Rear Bungee Straps
What is Rear Bungee Straps? Yes


BOTE Traveller classic style fishing and expedition paddle board
BOTE Traveller Bug Slinger style fishing and expedition paddle board
BOTE Traveller Native fitness and touring paddle board

One of the great things about owning a BOTE is having options. Options that allow you to outfit your BOTE the way you want for the things you like to do. No other platform combines the versatility, innovation and ease of use the way a BOTE does.

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