BOTE Grambler Native Surf Style All-Around paddle board

A Soulful Shredder

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A soulful spirit, born from the desire to create a stand-up paddle board with a traditional longboard style and all around performance. As an all around board, the 10’ 4” length and ample volume allows for a stable and stylish paddling platform. As a longboard style surfer, the thumbtail and single wing on the rails allows the Grambler to be nimble, surf rail to rail and make quick turns. The Grambler...East Coast style–West Coast soul. Hit the water, and gramble on.

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Native style boards feature beautiful designs with graphic artistry to appease your wild side.



  • Style
  • Dimension
  • Avg. Weight
  • Skin
  • Core
  • Max Capacity
  • Center Fin
  • Native
  • 10' 4'' x 30" x 4.25"
  • 30 Lbs
  • Fiberglass
  • EPS Foam Core
  • 215 Lbs
  • Included


BOTE Grambler Surf Style Paddle Board

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Features Native Classic
Front Bungee Straps
What is Front Bungee Straps? --
Paddle Sheath
What is Paddle Sheath? --
Multi-textured Deck Pad
What is Multi-textured Deck Pad? YesYes
What is Stashpod? --
What is ConnexSUP? --
Grab Handle
What is Grab Handle? YesYes
Travelink™ System
What is Travelink™ System? --
Integrated Paddle Strap
What is Integrated Paddle Strap? --
Cooler Tie Downs
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Stakeout Holes
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Tackle Rac Compatible
What is Tackle Rac Compatible? --
Rear Bungee Straps
What is Rear Bungee Straps? --


Woman Holding BOTE Grambler Classic Surfing Paddle Board Essentials
Man Holding BOTE Grambler Native Surfing Paddle Board Essentials

One of the great things about owning a BOTE is having options. Options that allow you to outfit your BOTE the way you want for the things you like to do. No other platform combines the versatility, innovation and ease of use the way a BOTE does.

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