BOTE Breeze Inflatable Paddle Board

A Breath of Fresh Air

Hear me now and believe me later, the 11 foot BOTE Breeze inflatable paddle board is the next evolution in paddle board technology. The go anywhere, do anything Breeze is a rough and tumble inflatable paddle board that transforms from a fully functional SUP into a form factor small enough to fit in a back-pack in under 30 seconds. Trek into those hard to reach hunting and fishing grounds with the lightweight Breeze inflatable system strapped to your back. And don't worry about scratches and dings because the military-grade PVC skin is virtually indestructible.

*Includes bag, pump, and paddle.

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Native style boards feature beautiful designs with graphic artistry to appease you're wild side.



    • Style
    • Dimension
    • Avg. Weight
    • Skin
    • Core
    • Max Capacity
    • Native
    • 11' x 32" x 6"
    • 28 Lbs (No Gear)
    • Military Grade PVC
    • Compressed Air
    • 350 Lbs


BOTE Breeze Inflatable Paddle Board with Girl

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Features Native
Front Bungee Straps
What is Front Bungee Straps? Yes
Paddle Sheath
What is Paddle Sheath? -
Multi-textured Deck Pad
What is Multi-textured Deck Pad? Yes
What is Stashpod? -
What is ConnexSUP? -
Integrated Paddle Strap
What is Integrated Paddle Strap? -
Grab Handle
What is Grab Handle? Yes
Cooler Tie Downs
What is Cooler Tie Downs? Yes
Travelink™ System
What is Travelink™ System? Yes
Tackle Rac Compatible
What is Tackle Rac Compatible? -
Stakeout Holes
What is Stakeout Holes? -
Rear Bungee Straps
What is Rear Bungee Straps? Yes

“The Breeze is my all-time favorite do-all board. It has so many applications and you can take it anywhere. Whether I’m rolling it up and throwing it on a plane to the tropics to chase bonefish or stashing it in my skiff to slip up on inaccessible reds, it does the trick every time.”

Laci Kelly, BOTE Ambassador


BOTE Breeze Inflatable Paddle Board Essentials

One of the great things about owning a BOTE is having options. Options that allow you to outfit your BOTE the way you want for the things you like to do. No other platform combines the versatility, innovation and ease of use the way a BOTE does.

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