Beachgoer Plus Package

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Getting to and from the beach seems to be the most cumbersome part of hitting the beach. Add in the Mule Cart to get loaded up at home and set up in the shade without the headache of carrying bulky chairs and coolers. All of the necessary items to make your beach day seamless!


  • One (1) MULE Cart Aluminum Base with Four (4) Rod Holders
  • One (1) Foam Covered Lift Handle
  • Two (2) Foam Covered Handles and Support Bars
  • Two (2) Wheel Support Tubes
  • Two (2) Removable Puncture-Proof Airless Tires
  • One (1) D-Ring Pin
  • Two (2) Lynch Pins
  • One (1) MULE Cart 2″ Car Tube Hitch Mount
  • Two (2) Aero Chair XL
  • One (1) KULA 5 Graphite Cooler
  • One (1) Highwater Tote Black
  • One (1) Aero Foot Pump

Take your gear with you

For centuries the mule has been used to haul gear, and it’s all about the gear. Since your gear is useless unless it’s with you, BOTE designed it’s own beast of burden the MULE. This load hauling beast is constructed of powder coated aluminum tubing and puncture proof polymer wheels. Use the lift-handle or add the sold separately car tube accessory and your trip to the beach or backcountry just got that much easier.