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Wheel Rac

Wheel Rac

After a long day adventuring on the water it would be nice to roll your BOTE back to your vehicle or storage area. Enter the Wheel Rac. Easily slip the Wheel Rac into the hull or deck Rac Receivers and rock & roll. With the oversized balloon tires, the board will glide over almost any terrain with minimal effort. Includes pump and bungee strap.



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  • Material Marine Grade Aluminum
    Finish Powder Coated Black
    Weight 13 lbs

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Sizes and Specs

Wheel Rac Specifications

Weight: 13 Lbs   |   Dimensions: 32" x 20" x 14"


There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Wheel Rac. Rock solid construction and high quality materials come together to make one simple solution that can change the way you adventure with your BOTE.

Wheel Rac Features
  • Marine Grade Aluminum

    Marine Grade Aluminim

    Constructed from welded marine grade aluminum for maximum corrosion resistance.

  • Balloon Tires

    Oversized Balloon Tires

    Thick rubber balloon tires make for a smooth ride over the roughest terrain.

  • Lightweight Construction


    Lightweight construction means you won’t be toting a bunch of extra pounds to and fro.

  • Hand Pump

    Hand Pump

    Adjust the pressure of the tires for different terrain using the included hand pump.

  • Snap Strap

    Snap Strap

    The included bungee strap snaps on to the Wheel Rac holding it snugly in place.

  • Quick Release Tires

    Quick Release Tires

    Easily remove the tires and deflate for more compact storage.

Rac and Roll

Rac n' Roll

Getting your board and gear to and from the water has never been easier than with the Wheel Rac. Simply insert the Wheel Rac, load up your gear and your ready to Rock n’ Roll.

Compatability and Use

Wheel Rac will work with any Rac Compatible BOTE. Some BOTE models provide mounting points on the bottom of the board in addition to topside mounting points. Simply tilt your BOTE on its side to install or remove.

Underside Mounting

Underside Mounting

Some models feature mounting points on the underside of the board specifically for use with the Wheel Rac.

Models with Underside Mounting

Rover  /  Rackham Gatorshell

*Some styles. See product page for details.

Topside Mounting

Topside Mounting

For models that don’t have mounting points on the bottom of the board, you can insert the Wheel Rac into the receivers on the topside of the board.

Models with Topside Mounting

Flood  /  HD  /  Rackham  /  Traveller

*Some styles. See product page for details.