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Cooler Kit

Cooler Kit

Keep your cooler securely attached to your board (compatible models only) and your paddle secure and within arms reach. The cooler tie-down straps allow you to utilize a cooler while on the water without fear of it toppling overboard. Easily mount the paddle clip to the side of the cooler for convenient paddle storage. The BOTE Cooler Kit makes a day on the water even more enjoyable while giving you peace of mind.




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    Cooler kit

    Do I really want to install two screws into my $300 Yeti cooler? I think not. You need to come up with a better cooler kit w/o screwing into the cooler.

  • 5

    Candice Brunswick is not good at reviews

    Candice... really. The screws are for the paddle holder to attach to your "$300 yeti cooler". You don't need them to strap the cooler itself down. This is a great product, it is cheaper than the Yeti and Engel strap kit and comes with a paddle holder.