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BOTE Lake Lanier

BOTE Lake Lanier

8615 Browns Bridge Rd
Gainesville, GA 30506

(770) 889-7727

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We are a small boat repair facility priding ourselves in excellent customer service. Around 2009 we noticed a large amount of our customers were calling asking if they could ship a “package to us”. Wanting to accommodate our clientel we gladly agreed. Upon receipt of the “package” we noticed it was a large surf board like item. We thought nothing of it and called the customer for pick up. As time went on more and more people called wondering if we could receive shipment of what I now realized were stand up paddle boards. Very long story short we realized we needed to be involved with the stand-up paddle board industry.

Our shop has hosted many different manufactures of paddle boards. It did not take us long until we needed to repair a board from a customer mishap. During this process, we really started to question the structural integrity of our stocked boards. Thru tons of research we chose to partner with BOTE. BOTE's top notch quality and ability to innovate new features on the boards is our main reason for being exclusive to the BOTE brand. We’ve now been a retail facility for 7 years and have thoroughly enjoyed selling “fun” to our customers.

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Tue - Sat: 8am - 5pm
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BOTE Lake Lanier
BOTE Lake Lanier