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Introducing the Gatorshell Flood, HD and Rackham
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Years in the making, our new Gatorshell Technology is poised to be the next game changing innovation to be introduced by the Darkroom gurus at BOTE. In our quest to constantly improve upon the products we make, we’ve achieved something truly special. Incredibly strong and stunningly beautiful, our new line of Gatorshell boards are the toughest we’ve ever made.

Front View of HD Gatorshell
Soul Searching

For years we’ve experimented with advanced materials and came to recognized the benefits of producing a board from advanced plastics – lightweight, strength and durability. Unfortunately, simple plastic is, well ... ugly. At BOTE we don’t do ugly. If we were going to develop a board from advanced plastics, it needed it to have character and soul like the rest of our line-up. With our new proprietary Gatorshell technology we’ve created an advanced plastics board with the look and feel of our classic construction, resulting in another stunningly beautiful BOTE.

Gatorshell Layers
Rendering of seamless Gatorshell construction
Seamingly Seemless

A challenge we faced while building boards from advanced plastic was fusing the upper and lower halves of the board without leaving unsightly seams. Most manufacturers simply accept this as the way it has to be. It doesn’t. With our Gatorshell boards, we’ve achieved seamless construction by combining all new materials with ballistics grade composites. The result, a no compromise outer shell that is smooth, solid, and tough…very tough.

Six Times Tougher

The goal of utilizing advanced plastics is to create a tougher product with increased impact resistance. According to energy impact comparisons, our Gatorshell board achieved 6x tougher construction vs. our handcrafted epoxy boards. We conducted extensive tests within our Darkroom lab, not only with our own products, but also products from other manufacturers to ensure that Gatorshell outperformed anything it came up against. 6x force was the maximum our equipment was able to measure, which resulted in zero damage to our Gatorshell board.

Six Times Tougher Diagram
Float Higher
Float Higher

Because plastic is less dense than epoxy, our Gatorshell boards are more buoyant as compared to their epoxy equivalent. This makes them float higher in the water for a more comfortable paddle, while also adding increased capacity.

Gatorshell Board Top and Side
  • Abrasion Resistant

    An abrasion resistant out shell means you don’t have to sweat the small stuff, like that time you got too close to that dock.

  • Beautiful Fit and Finish

    Gatorshell BOTEs are constructed to the highest standards in the industry and feature uniquely beautiful designs on par with our hand-crafted epoxy boards.

  • Seamless Construction

    Our proprietary process allows for seamless construction. No cheap looking rubber gaskets or unsightly fissures down the sides of our boards.

  • Gatorskin Textured Deck Pad

    High-quality, heat-sealed multi-textured deck pads feature a unique gatorskin embossed texture only found on Gatorshell models.

  • Innovative Features

    Gatorshell BOTEs feature all the innovative features found on our hand-crafted epoxy boards, so you can outfit them the way you want, for the things you like to do.

  • Impact Resistant

    Gatorshell construction is 6x tougher than our hand-crafted epoxy boards giving you the freedom to be, well, yourself.

  • Responsibly Crafte

    The advanced plastics we use to build Gatorshell BOTEs are made from partially reclaimed material. As if that wasn’t good enough, excess material from its construction is again repurposed, meaning less waste, and that’s good for all of us.

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