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BOTE inflatable dock
Inflatable Floating Dock and Swim Platform

7' Dock

The BOTE Dock is a floating inflatable dock / swim platform. Simple. It's highly stable, incredibly durable construction makes the BOTE dock one of the most versatile products we make. Take it to the lake house, float it off the beach, use it as a yoga platform, lash a few together to increase your real estate. The possible uses are endless.

Hand pump included.


Available Styles




  • Length


  • Width


  • Thickness


  • Avg. Weight


  • Max. Capacity


  • Inflation Time*


*The BOTE Dock can be inflated with any high pressure pump with a Halkey-Roberts (HR) connection, including the AeroPump (not included).

Product Video

The Burrito

We know you'll need to transport the Dock, so we created the Burrito as the Dock's companion. Roll up the Dock, grab a friend, and carry it away with comfort and ease. The Burrito is a slip cover and sling for the Dock, rolled into one.

How To Inflate BOTE Dock

How To

What goes up, must come down. Getting the BOTE Dock on and off the water is simple. First remove the folded dock from the burrito wrap, unfold, attach the *pump hose to the inflation valve and fill 'er up. The Dock is to be filled until the pressure reaches 11 psi. When you are ready to pack it up, do everything in reverse
...easy as 1,2,3.

Dock Features

Grab Handle

Grab Strap

A durable nylon rope with comfort grip handle, located on each side of the Dock, for effortless water exits.

BVA Deck Pad

BVA Deck Pad

The BVA multi-textured deck pad is heat sealed to shed water and provides plenty of cushion and anti-slip traction.

Attachment Points

Attachment Points

Accessory mounting points allow for any 1/4:20 accessory attachment. Found along each side of the dock.

Tie Downs

Tie Downs

Tie down points around the perimeter of the Dock, perfect for lashing down a cooler (or other gear).

Thick Rails

Thick Rails

Improves stability by increasing volume along the rails.

Composite Fiber Core

Composite Fiber Core

Internal composite drop stitch fibers make the Dock a hard, stable platform.

Anchor Points

Anchor Points

Each corner handle can be used to tie off and anchor your dock.

Inflate/Deflate Port

Inflate/Deflate Port

Compatible with high pressure pumps capable of connecting to HR valves.

2 Boards, 5 People, 3 KULA Coolers, 5 Beach Chairs, 2 Dogs
8 Kids, 4 Adults, 5 sets of fins and face masks, 2 ridiculously large swan floats, 12 ham sandwiches, 3 KULA Softys
4 Folding Chairs, 4 Fishermen, 4 Fishing Rods, 3 Bait Buckets, 6 Bags of Ice, 2 mounted fishing rod holders

Dock Capacity

The Docks have plenty square footage of floating real estate and are 8 inches thick, but what will they really hold? We've put the Docks to the test and summarized the results for you. In short, there is always room for one more to join the party!

Dock Photos
Aero/Construction Multi-Layer Composite

We are able to achieve unsurpassed rigidity in our inflatable AeroBOTEs through our unique construction technology. The secret is the use of composite drop stitch fibers which connect the top and bottom layers of high quality, military-grade PVC. When inflated to the recommended PSI, the fibers cause the air pressure to distribute evenly accross the top and bottom surfaces forming a hard, stable platform.

Learn More About AeroBOTE Technology

AeroBOTE Construction Diagram

In No Time Flat

The AeroPump is a High-Pressure 12 Volt Auto Electric 20 PSI Inflator/Deflator pump. It's the perfect tool to get your BOTE Dock on the water. Its car adapter allows you to pump up your Dock on the go! Spend more time relaxing, and less time inflating.

Learn More About Aeropump


(Sold Separately)


Input :: 12V DC
Included Plug :: 12VDC Receptacle
Included Adapter :: Battery Clamp
Included Hose :: Non Kinking, HR Valve type
Auto-shutoff :: Pressure Switch

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