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Made with AeroTech

Made with AeroTech

Our portable, highly durable AeroBOTE inflatable technology lets you take adventure with you wherever you go.
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30 Day Aero Guarantee

Aero Guarantee*

We want you to be 100% satisfied. Try it for 30 days and if for any reason you aren't happy, return it to us.
Returns subject to a restocking fee. Terms and Conditions apply.
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BOTE Warranty

Two Year Warranty

If our product isn't performing as it should, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.
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Free Shipping to the lower 48

Free Shipping*

Go ahead, make it yours! FREE shipping* on everything available in the lower 48 states.
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Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards from BOTE take your adventure even further. Day-trippers and expeditioners alike will relish the portability combined with nearly indestructible technology in our SUP inflatable paddle boards — they stand up to anything you want to do on the water.

Skip the Pool Toys

When you hear the word “inflatable,” you naturally wonder about durability. But that’s not a concern with an over-engineered BOTE Inflatable Paddle Board. Our gurus have figured out how to transform outer layers of military-grade PVC into a rock-solid rigid platform with some crazy-cool internal technology. SUP Inflatable paddle boards from BOTE contain a core of composite drop-stitch fibers connected to the top and bottom layers of that nearly indestructible outer skin. When you inflate your paddle board to the recommended PSI with the included manual pump, you get a hard, stable surface that’s difficult to tell apart from our solid boards.

Get Out There

Stand up paddle boarding is all about the experience. But if transporting or storing your board is a hassle, that experience becomes a drag. Inflatable paddle boards from BOTE let you take your adventure just about anywhere a suitcase fits. Whether you’re jetting off to explore a tropical paradise or hiking into the wild to find that perfectly serene fishing spot, SUP inflatable paddle boards from BOTE make excellent travel companions. Plus, the included waterproof backpack and three-piece adjustable paddle make storage simple in very little space.

Stand Tall in Style

At BOTE, we don’t do ugly. Our inflatable stand up paddle boards carry just as much sleek style as our rigid boards. Choose from all the cool, classic, sporty, floral and camo looks that make all BOTE boards stand out from the rest. From the weekend warrior-worthy Breeze Aero’s 10-foot 8-inch size to our sleek and slender Traveller Aero to our massive Rackham Aero that’s ready to load up for your next fishing trip, you’ll find the perfect inflatable stand up paddle board for your style at BOTE.