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Gifts for the Fitness Junkie

Gifts for the Fitness Junkie

In the wise words of BOTE Director of Photography Sean Murphy: “the best form of exercise is the kind when you don’t even realize you’re exercising.” Which is exactly what paddle boarding is all about. In his mind, if more people just went out to paddle a little each day—merely just to explore the sites and see new stuff—those love handles would evaporate in no time. Why? Because paddle boarding is inherently great for core strength. The balance, the cardio, the resistance, the endurance, it’s all there. You heard it here first: SUP fitness is the new CrossFit.

This is a gift guide for fitness junkies and those who love a new challenge. The people who want to ramp up their SUP workouts and get more bang for their board. Frankly, there are few more effective or more enjoyable ways to get a solid workout than with paddle boarding. And now that there are more variations than ever of how you can get a good workout on the water, we’re here to bring you the goods for getting it done. From zenned out yogis to gym rats who only ever talk about crossfit, here’s what to get the fitness junkies in your life.