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Gifts For The Whole Family

Gifts For The Whole Family

At BOTE, we believe the SUP lifestyle is more than just a paddle board, it’s a lifestyle. And whether you’re a family looking to spend more time on the water with one of our Inflatable Docks, trying to stand up paddling out for the first time with our simple yet versatile Flood Paddle Board and Flood Aero Inflatable Paddle Board, or immersing yourself in the lifestyle by decking your family out with all the fixin’s, like Aero Chairs and Couches, KULAs, and even the kid-sized Flow Aero Inflatable Paddle Board, we’re a brand built by families, so we get families.

“I don’t want to use the Google-y term ‘we’re making stuff for the family’, we’re making stuff for us. And we just happen to be middle-aged people with kids and families.” - Corey Cooper, CEO and Co-Founder at BOTE