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Gifts for Paddle Adventure Enthusiasts

Paddle boarding is kind of like picking a pair of gloves. It’s not a one size fits all activity. Some folks like to paddle surf. Others like to sit back, cast a line, and chill. Still others might prefer something between the two; something not quite adrenaline-pumping but not quite relaxing either; something where exploration is at the heart of the matter and expedition is at the core. Put differently, something adventurous. This gift guide is for those folks. The adventurers. The pushers of boundaries and the pullers of waters unknown. Whether you’re a river rat or a road tripper, a saltwater dog or a multi-sporter, this gift guide is designed to hook you up with gear and gadgets that go where you go.

“Whether it’s river paddling or lake paddling or ocean paddling, it’s the personal experiences that make most of these things for us.” — Corey Cooper, CEO and Co-Founder at BOTE