Built for Inflation

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Inflation generates pressure. And under pressure - some things thrive and some things die. We've harnessed the power of pressure. Developed products Built For Inflation.

The Portable, storable, incredibly durable - AEROBOTE.

Come on Inflation. We've got ya tamed.

Excludes Hangout Chair, Hangout Bar, Hangout Lounge, and Hangout FLOATube.

Inflatable Dock Hangout 360 Trio
Inflatable Dock Hangout 360 Duo
Inflatable Dock Hangout 360 Duo

$1,910.40 $2,388.00

    Inflatable Kayaks

    The BOTE fleet of inflatable kayaks is not only super diverse in terms of what’s on offer—from the lightweight Zeppelin Aero 10’ to the heavy-duty LONO Aero 12’6”—but BOTE inflatable kayaks also consistently deliver across the board when it comes to durability, stability, packability, portability, speed, comfort, design, innovation, the list goes on.

    Inflatable paddle boards

    Once inflated, our Aero SUPs are akin to any solid SUP when it comes to performance, offering best-in-class paddle-ability (think: highly stable and buoyant) and expandability (think: integrated attachment points for SUP accessories). Moreover, every BOTE inflatable stand up paddle board can fit anywhere a suitcase fits because they’re designed for transportation as much as they are for high stakes adventures.

    solid paddle boards

    When it comes to superior construction, peak performance, and down-right sleek design, look no further than the BOTE Solid Paddle Board. Reimagining the solid paddle board for over 10 years, BOTE has curated a lineup of SUP’s for the tall, the small, the adventure-enthusiasts, the kick-backers, and everyone in between.


    Requiring zero skill and 100% chill, floats offer a multipronged place to get together with friends and family and just relax. While the concept is extremely simple, it has proven to be one of our most popular water pursuits of all time. Toss them off your dock, off a boat, or into the pool, and you’ve got yourself a “private island” on nearly any body of water.

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