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Breeze Aero 10′8″ Native Eclipse + Aero SUP Paddle Seat Package

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We've created the perfect gift set for beginner and recreational paddlers. The Breeze Aero 10′8″ Native Eclipse, all-new Aero SUP Paddle Seat, and 5-Piece Adjustable Kayak Paddle are bundled together to save you $148 compared to purchasing them separately.

A simple product with a big impact. Now you can transform any Travelink™ compatible BOTE stand-up paddle board into a sit-down paddle vessel with the addition of our all-new patent-pending Aero SUP Paddle Seat. Already have another BOTE board? The Aero SUP Paddle Seat is reverse-compatible with all existing Travelink and KULA-compatible boards, so you can transfer it between SUPs.


  • One (1) Breeze Aero 10′8″ Inflatable Paddle Board
    Includes the following items
    • One (1) 3-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle
    • One (1) 10″ Removable Aero Center Fin
    • One (1) Aero Repair Kit
    • One (1) Hand Pump
    • One (1) Travel Bag
  • One (1) Aero SUP Paddle Seat
    Includes the following items
    • One (1) Pair of Tie-Down Straps
    • One (1) Aero Repair Kit
    • One (1) Travel Bag
  • One (1) 5-Piece Adjustable Kayak Paddle


  • Dimensions: 10′8″ L × 33″ W × 6″ D
  • Capacity: 250 LBS
  • Avg. Weight: 20 LBS
  • Construction: Inflatable AeroULTRA Technology
  • Optimal Inflation: 10-15 PSI
  • Travel Bag Dimensions: 38″ L × 18″ W × 12″ D
  • Loaded Bag Weight: 26 LBS

If rider weight is within 50 LBS of a board's listed capacity, BOTE recommends upgrading to a larger capacity board.