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BOTE Bucket Rac Tackle System
Bucket Rac

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Introducing the Bucket Rac, a smaller version of the Tackle Rac. The Bucket Rac is designed to wrap around a standard five-gallon bucket which is great for transporting bait, cast nets or just about anything really. This uniquely shaped accessory works perfectly in the front Tackle Rac receivers of our Rackham models as a place to secure your bait bucket and keep rods handy. The Bucket Rac also fits the rear receivers on all our Tackle Rac compatible boards. *Bucket not included

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You Got Options

Bucket Rac White


Bucket Rac Sea Foam

Sea Foam

Bucket Rac Rac Black


Constructed of welded marine grade aluminum, the Bucket Rac is powder coated in three colors, White, Black and Sea Foam, to match your board and your style.

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How it Works


It's your BOTE, configure it how you like. Use the Bucket Rac on its own as an alternative to the Tackle Rac, or use it in tandem. Put it in the front or put it behind you. Get creative. Figure out what configuration works best for what you want to do.

  • Bucket Rac in the Back
  • Bucket Rac in the Front
  • Bucket Rac in the Front and the Back
  • Bucket Rac in the Front Tackle Rac in the Back

Bucket Rac Receivers

BOTE Drift Inflatable Paddle Board

Inflated Ego

Not one to be outdone, our inflatable paddle boards can be outfitted with Rac Receivers, making them fully Rac compatible. Just attach Rac Recievers into the attachment points on the board to transform your AeroBOTE into a fishing and adventure machine.
AeroBOTEs include one set of Rac Receivers; a second set may be purchased for Rackham Aero and Rover Aero boards.

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Tackle-Rac Reciever for Inflatable Paddle Boards


Bucket Rac

Bucket Rac


Material Marine Grade Aluminum
Finish Powder Coated
Weight 5.5 Pounds
Compatibility Fits most 5-gallon buckets plus KULA 5 Cooler Compatible
Capacity Four slotted fishing rod holders for Fly or Spinning reels.