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After serving his country as a soldier, BOTE ambassador Landon Mace decided to move home to Bend, Oregon to follow his passion for fly fishing. With support from his wife, Landon spends his days wading rivers, tying flies and guiding others who share his passion for the outdoors.


It's not every day that you meet a person who knows how to live as primitively as possible, none the less, someone who dedicates their life to teaching others how to do so too. After hearing about an Ex-Navy Seal named Madison Parker, who’s not only a legendary master of primitive survival skills but also teaches them to platoons of active-duty seals...

Murphy: Simmer Down

This five-year relationship between BOTE and Sean Murphy all started with one image. An image of an attractive blond girl standing on top of a blacked-out postal truck, pouring gasoline down onto the head of the driver. A picture is worth a thousand words – but this one spoke millions.

Get Away

It's a challenge. Balancing work and leisure, raising your kids, focusing on the simple things that really matter. For the majority of us, myself included, the struggle to do so is very real. But in reality, it's the accumulation of these diverse events that make you who you are.


Every October, the small town of Destin hosts one of the biggest fishing rodeos in the state of Florida. For 31 days, fisherman from all walks of life take part in a tradition going back 68 years with hopes of weighing-in the biggest catch and getting their names on the “Big Board.”


To many, yoga is a form of exercising. To others, yoga is a lifestyle filled with morals to live by on a day-to-day basis. In an effort to bring together a group of people to learn and practice the virtues of yoga all while being immersed in nature, BOTE Ambassador TJ Mangrum put together a retreat in Cape San Blas, FL.

A Western Flow

Flowing from Wyoming to Colorado, the Green River is a 730-mile winding watershed in the middle of the Western wilderness. White water rapids and ripping winds are not uncommon on the Green, making your watercraft one of your most important pieces of gear. 

Operation Phoenix: Never Quit

VA Beach to DC which was 201 miles in 4 days (38,38,55,70 miles respectively), and upstream against the Chesapeake and then the Potomac. The final 70 miles I was delirious until collapsing on a beach landing training site on Quantico. I slept from 0400-0530am and woke up next to a dead Pelican corpse.

Anything but Mainstream

Focused on preserving water quality for human enjoyment and wildlife preservation, Anything But Mainstream is a conservation project created by BOTE® that aims to raise awareness about water quality issues and help fund initiatives focused on addressing them.