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Long Live Inflatables: Caring For Your Aero

The key to keeping your inflatable looking as fresh as the day you bought it is to provide a little bit of regular care and maintenance. What you put into it is exactly what you get out of it, in every capacity.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Western Flow

Sean and Rob relive the ordeal that was paddling the Green River, filling Corey in on all the details. From rapids and wind to broken rods and flipped boards, this shoot was a trip for the record books.

Long Live Paddle Boards: Caring For Your Solid Board

Learn how to clean, care for, and store your stand up paddle board. While the initial purchase may feel like a victory, the real victory is riding your new paddle board until it turns into a legacy board years down the road.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: The Grambler

"East coast style meets west coast soul." Sean and Corey bring Rob McAbee onto the podcast to talk about the history behind BOTE's original surfing paddle board, the Grambler.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: LONO Tarpon

Things don’t always go your way when you are trying to capture, on film, products combined with the forces of nature. Corey and Sean discuss the difficulties of shooting the BOTE products in their natural environments.

Solid vs. Inflatable Paddle Boards

We put our solid and inflatable boards head-to-head, rating them on performance, portability and storage, accessories, durability, style, variety, and quality to determine which construction comes out ahead.