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Paddling Alone Sucks

Every year it seems our leisure time shrinks while our responsibilities expand. But you shouldn’t have to choose between pursuing a passion and spending time with the people you care about.

How to Paddle Board: An In-Depth Guide

Paddle boarding isn’t hard, but like most things it helps to have some pointers, so you don’t look like a Kook or have a bad experience. The key to having a great time is having the right gear with you and learning to paddle correctly.

Buy "Aero" not "Inflatable": Why AeroTech is Better

Learn about BOTE's superior Aero inflatable paddle board construction and why it is a great option for the modern-day SUP enthusiast. Perfect for travel and small space storage and fun as hell to paddle.


The LONO's lightweight, compact, and portable design makes it a much more capable companion than traditional kayaks. Couple that with BOTE's innovative technology and accessory integrations and you have a stellar platform.