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Beneath the Surface Podcast: The Zeppelin Aero

Corey and Sean sit down to discuss the origins, the design process and the details of BOTE’s newest introduction to its line-up—the Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak.

Introducing the Breeze 10'6" Gatorshell Edition

We created the Breeze 10′6″ Gatorshell paddle board for the minimalist, who doesn’t require a suite of compatibility options, and smaller paddlers, who don’t need excess material weighing them down.

Skip the Kayak Trailer with an Inflatable Kayak

We believe one of the biggest things getting between you and the water is all the bulky equipment associated with transporting a traditional kayak. The LONO can be stored in a closet, carried solo, and transported via car, plane, or however you get around these days.