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Beneath the Surface Podcast: Taloa

Chris Taloa embodies the true spirit of Hawaii from the culture to the sport of surfing, his love for all things water, and the spiritual vibe that brings people from all over the world.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: The DarkRoom

Conceived and created to fulfill the need to get a more industrialized approach to creating new products, the DarkRoom isn’t just a space; its a project with a purpose.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Gatorproof

In episode 6 of the Beneath the Surface Podcast, Corey and "Murph" recount the life-transforming events that led to the creation of the KULA brand and the Gatorproof Alliance.

Beneath the Surface: Pilot

Together, Corey Cooper, CEO and co-founder and Sean Murphy, world-renowned photographer and BOTE’s Director of Photography, discuss the brand’s beginnings, the origin of the name, and the inspiration for the product.