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Beneath the Surface Podcast: The Zeppelin Aero

Beneath the Surface Podcast: The Zeppelin Aero

Corey and Sean sit down to discuss the origins, the design process and the details of BOTE’s newest introduction to its line-up—the Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayak.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Photoshoot Madness

From 3:00 am alarms, to multiple locations, and everything we make, BOTE photoshoots are anything but easy. Corey and Sean sit down to discuss the challenges and the victories of our latest brand shoot.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Places to Paddle

We are frequently asked, “Where can I paddle?”. Corey and Sean (and special guest Erin O’Malley) discuss all the places you can paddle as well as their personal favorites. 

Beneath the Surface Podcast: You Can Do It

One of the most common questions people have regarding paddle boarding is “Can I do it?” Sean and Corey have a conversation that helps to alleviate the fear and concern that paddling is a difficult activity.