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Beneath the Surface Podcast: What Never Was

Beneath the Surface Podcast: What Never Was

Corey and Sean discuss a canceled Wake SUP project. Even with the best intentions, some projects just don’t see the light of day. Shot with Billy Rossini and friends in North Carolina, this was one for the books. So sit back, press play, and discover the Rover that never was.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: The Compound

Corey and Sean talk about both of Sean's LA and Fort Walton Beach Compounds. From SWAT raids and cement mixers to pit bulls and community outreach, the Compounds have been a catalyst for some extremely creative inspiration and expression.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Keys Reloaded

Corey and Sean talk about what it was like putting the Rovers to the test for the first time in the Florida Keys, including slipping into the mangroves and going full throttle while key-hopping.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Bug Slinger

Corey and Rob reminisce to Sean about all things BOTE and Bug Slinger™. What started as a trade of graphics for a couple of boards became the catalyst for the Bug Slinger™ brand becoming an integral part of the BOTE look and lifestyle.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Western Flow

Sean and Rob relive the ordeal that was paddling the Green River, filling Corey in on all the details. From rapids and wind to broken rods and flipped boards, this shoot was a trip for the record books.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: The Grambler

"East coast style meets west coast soul." Sean and Corey bring Rob McAbee onto the podcast to talk about the history behind BOTE's original surfing paddle board, the Grambler.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: LONO Tarpon

Things don’t always go your way when you are trying to capture, on film, products combined with the forces of nature. Corey and Sean discuss the difficulties of shooting the BOTE products in their natural environments.