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Beneath the Surface Podcast: LONO Tarpon

Beneath the Surface Podcast: LONO Tarpon

Things don’t always go your way when you are trying to capture, on film, products combined with the forces of nature. Corey and Sean discuss the difficulties of shooting the BOTE products in their natural environments.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Outdoor Resurgence

Corey and Sean discuss the challenges that come with demand and growth during this unpredictable time, and try to get to the root of why people want to get back to basics and experience the outdoors again.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Division No. 18

Corey and Sean Interview Rob McAbee and Wil Beaucher about what it was like putting BOTE's Aero paddle boards to the test, taking them to as remote a destination as it gets: Division No. 18 in Saskatchewan Canada’s far north.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: DADs

Corey and Sean look back on what it was like raising children while starting their businesses. They share that the memories made with family were well worth any struggles endured.

Beneath the Surface Podcast: Taloa

Chris Taloa embodies the true spirit of Hawaii from the culture to the sport of surfing, his love for all things water, and the spiritual vibe that brings people from all over the world.