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Choosing the Best Inflatable Paddle Board for You

Inflatable paddle boards are for everyone, but there is not just a one-size-fits-all option. Whether you want to fish, do overnight river expeditions or just paddle with your friends, choosing the right board for you makes all the difference.


An open highway. An untouched river. An empty ocean horizon. The drifter is willing to venture into the darkness, never knowing what’s just beyond the headlights...or the water’s edge.

Why You Need to Try Paddle Board Fishing

Paddle board fishing provides anglers a highly versatile and easy way to access some of the world’s best fishing spots, from tidal creeks to open ocean. Here’s why you’ve been missing out.

Paddling Alone Sucks

Every year it seems our leisure time shrinks while our responsibilities expand. But you shouldn’t have to choose between pursuing a passion and spending time with the people you care about.