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SUP Yoga For Beginners

If you've ever been curious about SUP yoga here's the perfect guide to get started. This guide answers everything from board type and positions to what to wear during paddle board yoga. (And remember: falling is half the fun!)

Get Pumped: A Guide to BOTE Pumps

Explore the differences in the BOTE pump lineup. Learn how each one differs, what they're best suited for, and gather tips and tricks for utilizing them effectively.

Long Live Inflatables: Caring For Your Aero

The key to keeping your inflatable looking as fresh as the day you bought it is to provide a little bit of regular care and maintenance. What you put into it is exactly what you get out of it, in every capacity.

Long Live Paddle Boards: Caring For Your Solid Board

Learn how to clean, care for, and store your stand up paddle board. While the initial purchase may feel like a victory, the real victory is riding your new paddle board until it turns into a legacy board years down the road.