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Beyond the Board: An Inflatable Kayak with the Soul of a Stand Up Paddle Board

It’s natural to want it all. But too often saying ‘yes’ to one thing effectively means saying ‘no’ to another. That has certainly been true with inflatable kayaks in the past, which neither paddle like a kayak nor perform like they should. Trying to have it all-in-one meant compromising on both experiences.

Now, imagine if a kayak could truly transform into a stand up paddle board, or SUP. Better yet, imagine not having to build a rack for both your fishing kayak and paddle board. Imagine transporting your kayak and SUP to the water without a roof rack or cam straps. It sounds almost too good to be true. Now it’s the real thing. BOTE has developed an inflatable kayak that is the perfect mix of experience for stand up paddle board and kayak enthusiasts alike.

“Whether you’re sitting or standing, the BOTE DEUS inflatable kayak performs really well,” says Michael Hall. “Its flat bottom keeps it very stable – it doesn’t rock back and forth like a typical kayak or boat.”

Man standing and fishing from his BOTE LONO Aero inflatable fishing kayak.Feel comfortable casting while standing in the sturdy LONO Aero

Roller bag, to inflatable kayak, to inflatable paddle board, back to bag in minutes. The BOTE LONO and BOTE DEUS are the only true inflatable kayak transformers in the category. Not only are they more convenient to store and transport than traditional rotomolded, aka hard plastic, kayaks, they are a 2-in-1 platform that truly performs as both an inflatable kayak and inflatable stand up paddle board.

“Low hanging branches, a swift current and rocks are no problem – it can handle sharp turns while still feeling really stable,” says Meredith Hackwith. “It’s the perfect cross-section of durability and versatility.” Meredith had the chance to test out the BOTE DEUS inflatable kayak recently at Turkey Creek Springs in Niceville, Florida. She had a blast.

“Low hanging branches, a swift current and rocks are no problem – it can handle sharp turns while still feeling really stable.”

Couple kayak paddling on the BOTE DEUS and LONO Aero inflatable kayaksBoth the DEUS and LONO Aero offer a more ergonomic paddling position as sit-on-top kayaks.


Few people have enough room in their garage or storage shed to store both kayaks and rigid or stand up paddle boards. And anyone who has hoisted a solid kayak on top of their car knows that the inconvenience barely justifies the enjoyment of the experience.

The most important aspect of water sports is getting on the water in the easiest, fastest way possible. Your experience as a whole – loading, unloading, cleaning, storing – ultimately affects how often you actually paddle. That was the impetus for developing AeroBOTE Technology, which delivers unsurpassed rigidity thanks to tens of thousands of composite fibers, drop stitched to connect to a military-grade PVC skin. Once inflated, it’s hardly indistinguishable from a solid board. Off the water, it can be deflated and rolled up into a backpack.

BOTE DEUS Aero inflatable kayak bag can virtually fit in every space.Take it anywhere; store it anywhere.

BOTE has developed an inflatable kayak that is the perfect mix of experience for stand up paddle board and kayak enthusiasts alike.

Woman paddling the DEUS Aero inflatable sit-on-top kayak,Adjust the seat back as needed and paddle it as you would any other kayak.


As a sit-on-top inflatable kayaks, both the BOTE LONO and BOTE DEUS offer a more ergonomic paddling position. The design also allows for a self-bailing cockpit, which means you’re not sitting in water all day with a backache or leg cramps. Trackability through the water, stability when standing or paddling, and customizable accessories were also table stakes when designing these inflatable kayaks. With an additional foot-and-a-half in length, the BOTE LONO was designed with fishing or expedition in mind, while the BOTE DEUS excels as a recreational inflatable kayak.

BOTEs inflatable kayaks, transform into a stand up paddle board in seconds. Man SUP paddling the DEUS AeroSimply remove the top and seat back and you’re set for some SUP adventures.


As an inflatable paddle board, you enjoy an extremely stable platform with a keel guard that mimics a displacement hull. Coupled with the removable 10” center fin, the BOTE LONO and BOTE DEUS track exceptionally well, giving you more paddle strokes per side and more efficient momentum through the water. The nose area of both platforms provides an enclosed area perfect for stowing gear, kids or a dog. Transforming from inflatable kayak to SUP is accomplished simply by unclipping the top chamber (seat) and switching the paddle to the Chainmail 3-Piece Paddle or Aero Paddle. Be sure to remove the center fin if kayaking, as it is only needed when using the kayak as a stand up paddle board.

For most inventions, they mainly are created to do one thing really well, but the BOTE LONO and BOTE DEUS truly deliver on all three metrics of performance, portability, and transferability. It takes literally seconds to convert between inflatable kayak and SUP, allowing you more ways to enjoy your time on the water. Conventional wisdom tells you to make a choice between one thing or another. BOTE says STAND APART.

Instagram user @livoutside takes his dog out in the LONO Aero inflatable kayak

Man stands and fishes from his LONO Aero inflatable kayak in the early sunrise.

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