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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Round Up

2020 has been a wild ride. One that, in the most positive light, led us outdoors more often and gave us more time with our families. And with the year almost over and the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to close it out with a bang. We’re talking gifts for the whole family. For the fitness junkie who’s opting to get their sweat on outside over the gym, for boaters and anglers who spend all their free time exploring the area’s waterways, and definitely for paddle adventure enthusiasts who plan to go farther and explore new places in 2021.

Plus, this December, save $150 when you buy two solid boards and get a free Aero Pump when you buy any Aero product (excludes Flow and Aero Seating). Shop early for the best selection and guaranteed delivery before the holidays. The discount is automatically applied site-wide--no discount code needed.

Look no further than our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Round Up for everyone on your list.

Gifts for the Whole Family

At BOTE, we believe the SUP lifestyle is more than just a paddle board, it’s a lifestyle. And whether you’re a family looking to spend more time on the water with one of our Inflatable Docks, trying stand up paddling out for the first time with our simple yet versatile Flood Paddle Board and Flood Aero Inflatable Paddle Board, or immersing yourself in the lifestyle by decking your family out with all the fixin’s, like Aero Chairs and Couches, KULAs, and even the kid-sized Flow Aero Inflatable Paddle Board, we’re a brand built by families, so we get families.

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Gifts for Boaters

When it comes to boating gifts, whether for saltwater or freshwater boating, all it takes is a few accessories to take a day on the water from enjoyable but exhausting to comfortable and unforgettable. Built for land and sea, but also lake days, camping trips, and everything in between, you just can’t go wrong with inflatable seating. Ever heard of BOTEs on boats? It’s a thing. And to be clear, we’re talking about the versatility of inflatable paddle boards. Oh, and you can’t forget a KULA and a giant floating square, a.k.a. the inflatable dock.

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Gifts for Paddle Adventure Enthusiasts

Paddle boarding is kind of like picking a pair of gloves. It’s not a one size fits all activity. Some folks like to paddle surf. Others like to sit back, cast a line, and chill. Still others might prefer something between the two; something not quite adrenaline-pumping but not quite relaxing either; something where exploration is at the heart of the matter and expedition is at the core. Put differently, something adventurous. This gift guide is for those folks. The adventurers. The pushers of boundaries and the pullers of waters unknown. Whether you’re a river rat or a road tripper, a saltwater dog or a multi-sporter, this gift guide is designed to hook you up with gear and gadgets that go where you go.

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Gifts for the Fitness Junkie

In the wise words of BOTE Director of Photography Sean Murphy: “the best form of exercise is the kind when you don’t even realize you’re exercising.” Which is exactly what paddle boarding is all about. In his mind, if more people just went out to paddle a little each day—merely just to explore the sites and see new stuff—those love handles would evaporate in no time. Why? Because paddle boarding is inherently great for core strength. The balance, the cardio, the resistance, the endurance, it’s all there. You heard it here first: SUP fitness is the new CrossFit. This is a gift guide for fitness junkies and those who love a new challenge.

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“The best form of exercise is the kind when you don’t even realize you’re exercising.”

Gifts for Anglers

Attracting folks from all walks of life, whether for food or sport, for camaraderie or solitude, fishing knows no boundaries. As a team of anglers, we put a special focus on building products fit for any environment because we can all agree that not much else can compare to the feeling of fighting a tarpon on ocean swells, chasing redfish through the marshes, or hooking a big brown deep in the canyon. From the anglers looking to chase trout through Utah’s Green River Gorge on inflatable SUPs to the one’s looking to go further, faster into the mangroves or marshes on a micro skiff, these are our top gifts for anglers in your life.

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Gifts for the BOTE Addict

There are some who are all about the lifestyle, and others who are all about the BOTE lifestyle. We know a few of them! For the person on your list that already has all the BOTE favorites--we’re talking stand up paddle boards, inflatable kayaks, plus inflatable docks and inflatable chairs; hell, maybe they even own a micro skiff--it’s time to accessorize.

For the BOTE lover on your list, deck them out with a KULA filled to the brim with BOTE gear. Throw in one of our highwater packs; a mix of t-shirts, hats, and towels; and a BOTE gift card (delivered to your inbox in less than 24 hours). Keep the BOTE gear classic, with a mix of black, gray, and seafoam items. Or, go wild with our new Pineapskulls print.

There are some who are all about the lifestyle, and others who are all about the BOTE lifestyle.

Shop for all your holiday gifts right here at, or shop in-store at a BOTE store or BOTE dealer near you.