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TJ Jensen

TJ Jensen

Atlanta, GA

Fitness Lifestyle

I was born in Georgia, grew up in Georgia and now live in Georgia. I also lived for a brief stint in Denver, Colorado, and spent my time rock climbing, practicing yoga and hiking the Rocky’s with my pup… and enjoying all of the locally brewed beers. I call Atlanta home. I love the communities and the weather. I actually enjoy the humidity.

I started paddling three summers ago on Lake Lanier. The first time I stepped on a board I realized its’ power for therapeutic yoga. I immediately started playing with poses, allowing the board and water to show me areas that need improvement in my Asana practice. Along with practicing yoga on my board I also paddle for adventure. I love how my Bote Board gives me freedom to enter areas of water I was unable to enter from a boat or canoe. Shallow little creeks and coves or freshwater springs protected by National Park Services from motorboats; all so beautiful and untouched.

As a yoga instructor, I am constantly striving to become a better instructor, and recently I have been teaching a more restorative yoga class than my usual fiery classes. This has been an important tool in helping me grow as a teacher. I’m slowing down the pace of my classes to really get into the deeper parts of the human body. I am excited to use my new found appreciation for this approach in these upcoming summers’ SUP Yoga classes, on Lake Lanier. Another milestone, for me, was my completion of the American Canoe Associations’ Level 1 SUP Certified Instructor course. I plan on continuing my education and completing the follow-up courses as well.

I am a vegetarian and practice clean eating. I love my dog… like a lot. He really is my best friend. Being physical and athletic and taking care of my body has always been an important and prominent part of your life. I started running and swimming competitively at the age of 8 and ran a half marathon when I was 14 and I varsity lettered 13 times in High School. Yoga and paddle boarding allow me to continue to be fit and active without the pressure of competition being hard on my mind and body. In these passions I have found a way to combine my appreciation of nature, fitness, and meditation.

Growing up, my family would go on one camping/backpacking trip a month. So rad. I went to Ecuador to offer community service and while there traveled the country for a year cooking in assisted living homes, painting streets, hiking to indigenous communities to help build and be of service to that community, I taught English in schools and computer classes and ate a bunch of really good food. And missed my bus one night and a nice cop let me stay at his home with his family for the night, fed me then took me to the bus station in the morning… so generous.

I use the 10’6 yoga board for most of my adventures.

I’ve had the good fortune to paddle in so many amazing places that it’s really hard to choose my favorite. I’ve paddled is 7 sisters springs, where I was able to pet manatees. No big deal… cape sandblast preceded and followed by camping. But the Dead Lakes, Florida, is my favorite place I’ve paddled. My grandfather used to take me bass fishing there when I was a child and I remember thinking, as a child, this is the most incredible and beautiful place on earth. Last summer I took my board there at sunrise and paddled all day. It was inspiring. If I’m staying in town, my favorite places to paddle are on the Chattahoochee at Morgan Falls or Lake Lanier.