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Ryan Hambel

Ryan Hambel

Melbourne, FL


I am currently a service plumber and own a fishing and diving apparel company, Salty Roots. I am a licensed Charter Captain (Merchant Mariner Near Coastal OUPV 6pack) and spend every chance I get on the water. Regardless of where I go in town, people recognize me from fishing pictures both on my board and my Ranger bay boat. I was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida which is 30 mins from Sebastian Inlet which is a world-renowned fishery that I spend all of my free time at. I fish on the board anywhere from Sebastian Inlet to Cocoa Beach.

I decided to buy a BOTE HD in 2012 and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Previously I would fish off the beach for Tarpon and Snook borrowing my buddies kayak. Since I usually only fish off of a boat the kayak was nice to have the freedom to launch off the beach and be right in the action after work, however, it just didn't seem right. I saw a picture online of a guy fishing from a paddle board and knew I had to research the best board on the market. Although Bote didn't offer a lot of different models at the time I knew I liked the Bote HD and the versatility of being able to do everything a kayak could do but more. I went to my local paddle board dealer and when I looked up the red Bote was on display, I swear it was love at first sight. Before the cheesy salesman came over to me I told him I wanted the board and would be back the next day with the rest of the money. At first, people thought I was crazy trying to stand up and land a one-hundred and fifty-pound tarpon, or launch and come in with all my gear. Not having a great surfing background I was amazed how easily the board handled even my first couple of trips. My fourth time out on the board my buddy Sean captured the shot of me on my knees with the tarpon jumping in front of me. Soon people became believers and I didn't lose a single piece of gear because of the great design of the tackle rac, while my buddies on the kayaks were dropping rods and pliers all the time. No matter young or old people would always comment on how cool they thought the board was when I was on the beach. I have been featured in a couple of newspaper articles all about fishing from the Bote Board. Overall Bote not only gives me the power to "stand apart" and be different, but gives me many advantages as far as sight fishing, versatility, and most importantly for the long days on the water COMFORTABLY.

I have two French Bulldogs who are like my children, and a beautiful Fiancé, Megan, that I am marrying in May. I workout a little too much probably and love being able to get a good workout out of a long paddle on my Bote. I Love Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and getting drug around my board like a Florida sleigh ride!