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Kristen Kuba

Kristen Kuba



Kristin was born and raised in Hawaii, as a kid she was very shy and set out on a career in the beauty industry doing hair and lashes. Living in Hawaii her whole life and never really experiencing the ocean or even knowing how to swim. She started taking an interest in the ocean through photography after seeing some amazing underwater photos. In 2011, Kristin set out on a mission to learn how to swim not knowing that she was destined to be an amazing freediver.

After learning to swim she was inspired by her friends to get into spearfishing, as spearing is a Hawaiian lifestyle. Her first time she put a mask on and dipped her head underwater she realized the endless beauty she was missing her whole life and curiosity grew. She took her first freediving course in 2015. This started her passion for exploring deeper depths and decided to focus on freediving. With her disciplined and determined attitude she was taught from working in Japanese salons for many years she quickly progressed in the sport.

Kristin entered the competitive scene of freediving in 2017 and has progressed quickly eventually breaking the US national record for bifins multiple times. Her deepest dive to date is 80m/262ft in CWT with a monofin. She is continuing her training in hopes to progress to deeper depths than any American female has been to.