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Welcome Riney Ranch!

Welcome Riney Ranch!

Some of you may have heard of Expedition Florida 500 (XF500), created by Florida outdoorsman and visionary, Justin Riney. His 365-day paddleboard journey inspired thousands in 2013, cultivating a renewed respect for Florida's waterways and heritage. While circumnavigating Florida’s coastline and exploring inland waters in celebration of Florida's 500th anniversary, Justin hosted cleanups, documented his experiences and won nearly 50 environmental awards for the awareness created, including SUP Magazine's 2013 "Top Expedition." Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner dubbed Riney a "history maker" and stated the project will be treated as a historical achievement for the Sunshine State.

Brittney DiLeo, Marketing Coordinator for BOTE, explains how the two came together. "Justin came to us with a vision incorporating our boards which dynamically fit with his desired ventures and lifestyle. We as a brand were aligning our 2014 'Stand Apart' campaign, as BOTE stands apart in design, lifestyle and construction of our products; we strive for the best Ambassadors to represent us in similar fashion."  BOTE Boards has expanded with a lineup and culture focused on connecting people with the outdoors and is proud to announce the addition of Team Rider and Ambassador Justin Riney of Riney Ranch. With the diversity of Justin’s future and activity, BOTE’s versatility is a fit for the series.

2014 holds even greater excitement for BOTE and Riney as he launches his new adventure series he's calling Riney Ranch, developed to inspire the masses to pursue their own dreams and preserve the outdoors. He's writing a series of books about his travels, and of course documenting the entire experience in real time on social media outlets. Expect to see Riney broadening the scope of his adventures to include surfing, fishing, road trips, paddling, hunting, training, touring, and much more.

Follow BOTE on the journey with Justin as he embarks on this exciting year of travel, the outdoors, adventure and reflection. We celebrate the endless possibility with an incredible addition to our team.


Published on Friday, January 24, 2014 in Announcements, Stories