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How many times have you gone out to paddle and lost your keys? Maybe the dreaded dropping of your phone in the water? Or maybe you've tried to balance a cup or drink on your board just to knock it over or have it fall off? 

It's happened to all of us...

too many times...


So what did the innovators at BOTE do? We created the BOTE Stashpod®. It has been featured in many of our board models since 2014. It was simple in thought, but how could we make it special and unique like our other BOTE products? So we went to the drawing board and looked at how we used the boards the most, and that answer was for FUN. Integrating a bottle opener into the Stashpod cap was a no brainer. Now you can stash your favorite beverage as well open it!

Also built into the cap is a handy standard hex insert that an be used unversally if you might need to tighten or remove your fins.



So grab your stash, stash it in the pod, and GO!




Published on Monday, March 16, 2015 in News, Stories