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Carrying your board is no longer a feat due to BOTE®’s newest accessory--The Travelink™ System. This patent pending, integrated SUP carry system was developed to increase comfort and ease in transporting and storing a paddle board, making your day-to-day trips more enjoyable.

Corey Cooper, BOTE® founder and designer explains, “We watch SUP users everyday making multiple trips to get their boards and gear to the water. Wanting to find a more time efficient system to get everything there all at once without hindering the board’s paddling dynamics, we sat down to brainstorm. After a couple of sessions, we came up with the perfect product. The Travelink™ System is going to revolutionize the way people use their boards.”

BOTE Travelink System Stand up Paddleboard Travelink Travelink System Strap BOTE SUP Strap

In recent years, SUP has become a huge category in the water sport industry, but with most boards reaching close to 12’, many people have a hard time getting to the water quickly and safely. “This is not just a product to use when the winds and sand dunes are high,” states Cooper. “This system is for everyday use to ensure that you are not worn out before you even start paddling.”

SUP carry system-Travelink Sling

The Travelink™ System consists of three main components. Super-strong latch points that are seamlessly integrated into most of BOTE’s 2016 board models provide the basis for the system. These latch points, located along the rail of the boards, allow the second component, the adjustable and padded Travelink™ Sling, to clip into the board with durable swivel clips. The Sling is a shoulder strap which provides a more comfortable way to lift and carry the paddle board. The final component of the Travelink™ System is watertight pouches, called Hitchhikers, that attach to the Sling via velcro straps. The Hitchhikers provide extra storage and accommodate extra gear.

                      Stand up paddle board travelink hitchhikers

“Most stand up paddle boards are carried by the paddler using their fingers, hands and forearms via a center grab handle. This can become unpleasant in a matter of seconds”, explains Cooper, “like tons of other products, transitioning the load to the shoulders with an integrated system makes taking your board to the water much more appealing,” says Cooper. Eliminating the ever ominous “dead arm syndrome,” this new addition is the missing link for all SUP riders. Travelink™ also enables smaller paddlers to transport much larger paddle boards than ever before. “This system was created so you could literally throw your board over your shoulder and walk to the water while carrying all your other stuff,” says Cooper.

SUP travelink hands free strap

Magda Cooper, COO of BOTE® and mother of two explains, “We love to get our kids out of the house and on the paddleboards with us, but carrying my two year old, gear, and board was not feasible in one trip. With the new Travelink™ System, I am able to throw my board over my shoulder, grab my kids, and hit the water.”

Not only great for your trip to paddle, but once back from your day out on the water, Travelink™ System helps to easily store your board by simply hanging the carry strap to an exterior hook of your liking, high above the ground and away from damaging variables. Cooper states, “We wanted this product to keep your board safe while carrying and storing. Leaving your board on the ground can cause dents and damage. With a carry strap, you can keep your board hooked up and hanging out of harm’s way, ready to grab and go for your next paddle.”

Stand up paddleboard travelink excursion

By using the Travelink™ System, you remove all weight from your hands and carry the board more safely and ergonomically to your next excursion. After a few sand dune climbs and gusts of wind you'll wonder how you ever carried your SUP without Travelink™.

The Travelink™ System will be available for most of BOTE’s 2016 stand up paddle board line-up and is available for purchase from and any authorized BOTE dealer. For more information about the Travelink™ System visit

Published on Thursday, October 08, 2015 in Announcements, News, Stories