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BOTE owners love the outdoors and summertime is the best time of year to get outside and enjoy all that the sun's warmth brings with it. Fishing, adventures and fun are big parts of the BOTE lifestyle. So when it's too hot to get anything done, get on the water with your friends, family and your BOTE to make the most of Summer.

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HD Gatorshell Paddle Board

HD Gatorshell [Classic]

From the darkest shadows of BOTE's Darkroom, comes the HD Gatorshell - our toughest board yet in our most popular shape to date. We combined our most versatile paddling platform with our toughest construction methods to produce this masterpiece of design and innovation. Sporting the same design and standard features, the Gatorshell HD stands apart with its extremely durable outer shell, which is 6x stronger than our handcrafted epoxy boards and just as beautiful. So If your looking for a "one board for everything" that provides superior abrasion and impact resistance, then the HD Gatorshell is for you.

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