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Paddleboard Shark Fishing with Peter Miller

Peter Miller SUP SHark FIshing

Paddleboard Shark Fishing with Peter Miller


Ambassador Pete Miller on his BOTE Rackham.  He had this to say about it:

“Sharks can be very unpredictable, so it’s important to have a stable paddleboard. The BOTE Rackham is very stable...and the Tackle Rac holds my rods and offers a little extra support in those intense moments when the fish does a 180. All of this coupled with the fact that I can use my YETI roadie cooler as a seat during long fights is just awesome. I love the water tight screw onStashpod™ Cap that allows for personal items or better yet,  a large Yeti tumbler filled your beverage of choice. The Rackham is the perfect platform for catching sharks and large gamefish. It’s solid, wide and stable-designed for open water." - Peter Miller



The 12' Rackham is the most versatile paddle board we have ever offered. Featuring displacement hull technology, the Rackham paddles effortlessly. The recessed standing platform and thick bow keep the paddler and gear high and dry...And speaking of gear, the Rackham sports a capacity of near 400 pounds. Stow your paddle in the Paddle Sheath®, your fishing rods and tackle in the Tackle Rac®, and stake out via two thru holes–One of which is Power Pole® Micro compatible. Just as Captain Jack Rackham defined the pirate with his "Joly Roger" flag, the BOTE Rackham will define the waterman's SUP for years to come.

Published on Thursday, July 09, 2015 in News, Stories