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My name is TRAVELLER

BOTE, a leader in standup paddle board innovations, announces the debut of the newest addition to their quiver, Traveller. A board that through DarkRoom™ research and development, was designed to be the go to board for the touring category...or what we will call the "traveling class”. The glide, stability, capacity and advanced dynamics are just a few highlights that make the 12’6” Traveller the board for every paddler.

Traveller paddle board carry system

BOTE Lead Designer, Corey Cooper shares his vision, “With Traveller, we are aiming to define a category in SUP. I have always felt that the touring, adventure, expedition board category has been tremendously ignored concerning design and development by the paddle board industry, including us. To me, it seemed to be a byproduct of bigger, heavier race boards or sleeker, longer recreational boards… and whatever didn’t fit into those categories, automatically became the ‘touring’ board.” Cooper adds, “Traveller is different in that everything about the board was designed from the ground up for traveling. From how it carries you and your gear all the way to how you carry it.”

BOTE traveller stand up paddle board

The Traveller is one of the most progressive boards on the market, and will be the first board to feature the new patent pending TraveLink™ system, that will revolutionize the way you transport your board. The adjustable and padded TraveLink™ Carry sling clips into the Traveller, and out of your hands in a matter of seconds. This system was created so you could literally throw your board over your shoulder and go–your fingers will never go numb carrying a board again. Cooper explains, “We looked at how people transported their boards and designed a system to assist with carrying a board, while toting around all the other gear necessary for a day long paddling trip. Once you get to the water, you can remove the sling from the rails of the board and secure it to the deck and out of your way. It’s just another BOTE innovation that will change the way people paddle.”

paddle board carry system traveller

Travelink paddle board carry system

The DarkRoom™ was pivotal to the development of Traveller. What began as a concept board that was paddled through the Everglades during the Glades 100 trip was refined into an end product that we can all be proud of.

Pete Buzzelli, Director of the DarkRoom, worked alongside Cooper creating the first Traveller. “Corey came to me with a design concept that resembled a dolphin. The combination of the bottlenose entry with a swept v to flat hull really gave the board a unique look, I was intrigued. The goal was to develop a board that any paddler could push efficiently, in most conditions, be extremely stable, and have enough capacity to carry a 12-pack of beer… or two!” In regards to paddling dynamics, Buzzelli adds, “I paddle upwards of 6 miles per day on race boards, so when it was time to test the Traveller, I figured I’d add it into my paddling routine for a week or so. I was completely shocked how well it paddled for a larger board and knew immediately we had a game changer on our hands. It truly is a pleasure to paddle, and I am excited to see how the SUP industry reacts to it.”

"This is the board I have been waiting for", says Magda Cooper, BOTE's COO. "I'm at the point of my life where I don't have a whole lot of free time. Most of my time is occupied with work and raising my family. Paddling is still a huge passion of mine, so with what little time I have, I try to squeeze it all in. For me, Traveller is the perfect combination of all the elements of the sport. I can use it as a rec (recreational) board, I can do distance training, I can paddle with my kids...and if I can get away for a day or two it becomes my adventure board that can carry all my gear! The Travelink™ system is also a huge plus for me because it makes carrying the board exponentially easier. I tip my hat to all the people who helped develop the board, it's a great one."

Traveller is available in 4 different models: Native, Classic, Chainmail Pro2, and DarkRoom. The DarkRoom version will be available for purchase immediately with a 3-week production time.

To order and get more information on Traveller, click HERE.

BOTE traveller touring sup paddle board

Published on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 in Announcements, News, Stories