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Keys Reloaded

Keys Reloaded

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The Keys [Reloaded]

Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed? We could have stayed on shore, in the status quo, played it safe and moved on. But where is the fun in that. We wanted to wander into the storm!

The unknown breeds fear and excitement but can also spark some radical change. Change, in our case is embodied by the all new Rover project. So, we decided to make a trip to the Florida Keys with our motley crew and embark on a not-so-harrowing adventure with the main goal of putting the new Rover through it's paces.

Thanks to our pals at Mellow Ventures in Key West for dialing in the madness for us, because of them we all returned as happy men (and women).

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After 800 miles on the road, the real journey is about to begin.

Home base for this operation, Mellow Ventures Back Country Outfitters. A salty crew to say the least, but one that knows how to have a good time.

Stocking up on essentials.

A gang of tarpon waiting for handouts at the dock as we prepare to make way.

Taking a moment to savor the local flavor.

Corey Cooper, BOTE's chief product designer and BOTE CEO, lost in thought (as usual) as we gear up for the adventure ahead.

The night before, plotting our course through the vast network of coral reefs and mangrove islands to reach the proving grounds.

We call him Poseidon-his real name is a mystery-scans the horizon as our journey begins.

The mothership (Sekul) leads the way while storms loom in the distant horizon.

The helm of the Sekul, a salty bitch to be sure, but one that faithfully guides us on our journey towards the setting sun.

El Capitan.

Harry Madson with a super smooth drive by.

Bear shows us how it's done.

Fly casting is an art clearly mastered by our seasoned guide.

Fish on!

As the day winds down, a mermaid appears.

Getting a closer look at a distant beacon. The lighthouse is used to warn sailors of shallow shoals in the vicinity.

Poseidon takes Rover for a paddle through the mangroves.

Smoke break. One of many.

The Rover proves to be perfectly suited for narrows of the mangrove islands which dot the Florida Keys.

Did someone say dinner?

Yes they did.

Gearing up for tomorrows fishing excursion where we put the Rover through it's paces as a fishing machine.

The mangroves are perfect sanctuaries for a variety fish species.

Sneaking off to find some solitude.

A big thanks to our motley crew, the mission was a success.

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