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The Stand-up Paddle Board (SUP) world is constantly changing. Boards die out, while others progress, enabling the leaders of the industry to emerge. Setting the bar for innovations, BOTE® has begun a paddle board evolution for 2016. Back again this year and better than ever, the HD has been redesigned from the ground up. With new features, accessories, and a brand new look, this board’s improvements embody the future of SUP.

“For 2016, we have redesigned the hull of the HD to be quieter, faster and more efficient,” Cooper explains. “We knew we had to hit a home run on this board, and we believe we have done it.” The changes to the hull design include a low, protruding nose, bow channels and added volume to the forward deck. “We’ve found that this combination of changes has improved the characteristics of the board in the best ways possible by allowing the HD to be quieter, smoother paddling and able to shed water from the deck more rapidly,” says Cooper.

 SUP HD darkroom

What would have taken natural evolution 30 million years, only took BOTE several months. Utilizing their in-house, rapid prototyping production facility, the Darkroom, BOTE was able to revolutionize the way the HD would progress. “The decision to modify the HD’s design was not taken lightly, this is our best-selling board. We put a ton of research and experimentation into this design before approving it for production,” says Corey Cooper, BOTE owner and designer. "We developed and tested several new hull designs before ultimately refining the shape into a final design."

Paddle Board HD on water

Both sizes of the HD, 12’ and 10’6”, were designed to be versatile platforms for recreation, fishing, and expeditions by allowing paddlers to carry a variety of different gear. The twelve-foot HD is capable of supporting 375 pounds of weight (240 pound for the ten-foot six-inch model), which is an impressive feat for a watercraft weighing only 34 pounds (25 pounds for the ten-foot six-inch model). Built-in bungee straps on the front and rear of the board allow paddlers to securely fasten gear to the deck of the board while the optional Tackle Rac provides paddlers with an elevated support to store gear and fishing poles. “Fishing, training, expeditions, or just having a cool day on the water with your kids, the HD can do it all,” says Cooper. 

Travelink Carry System SUP

BOTE has equipped the 2016 HD with Travelink™ Compatible Latch Points as part of their patent pending Travelink™ SUP Carry System. Paddlers can simply attach the Travelink™ Sling, a padded shoulder strap, to the latch points on the board and ergonomically carry the board, hands-free, to and from the shore. Cooper explains, “Not only does the Travelink™ make the HD very easy for paddlers of any size to carry the board, but you can also use it to hang your board out of the way when you’re not using it or lock it up. Really the uses are almost endless.”

In addition to the Travelink™ system, the HD also includes a host of other features, such as the StashPod, which stores gear or beverages, a new multi-textured deck-pad, cooler tie-downs, a newly redesigned grab handle, a ConnexSUP universal accessory mount, and some select models include integrated through-holes allowing the use of stake-out poles to temporarily anchor the board.

Development and creative problem solving allow BOTE to constantly raise the standards for the progress in the SUP industry. “Corey and I worked really hard on small aesthetic details that take this board to the next level,” says Rob McAbee, BOTE’s Creative Brand Director. “Whether its deck pads or in-board functional innovations, all of these things come together to round out the new HD.”

BOTE started the SUP evolution five years ago with the introduction of the BOTE Board and continues to make huge strides in that evolution today with release of the new 2016 HD. Available in five distinct styles, including a Realtree camouflage edition and Bug Slinger™ edition, the new HD is available for purchase from and any authorized BOTE® dealer. For more information about the HD visit

BOTE HD Classic HD travelink strap hd classic gulf sup

Published on Wednesday, October 14, 2015 in Announcements, News, Stories