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The Ahab Featured in Florida Sport Fishing

Chris Lewis AHAB

The Ahab Featured in Florida Sport Fishing

A popular and returning model on BOTE's 2014 line up is the infamous AHAB. Many fishermen and paddlers alike enjoy the royalties this platform has to offer. With its renowned appearance, the Ahab comes back with the classic look sporting a stashpod. It's no wonder this board gets all the attention! 

The Ahab is featured in the latest issue of Florida Sport Fishing highlighting solo skiffs compared to others such as kayaks or canoes. It proves to be the popular choice for the sport combining stability, speed and versatility with a racing style hull for speed and a large flat deck. Captain Steve Dougherty writes, "While some strive for immaculate skiffs outfitted with the most advanced amenities, there's a new breed of inshore anglers that don't want or need unnecessary complications." In this instance, less is more. With cooler tie downs, a marine grade aluminum fishing post that features rod holders and installs in recessed receivers, front and rear bungee system, stake out thru holes and a stashpod all implemented; The Ahab has the rod up in this department. BOTE Boards has thrived on being simple, sleek and versatile designed to fit any venture whether it be paddling, surfing, fishing, hunting or fitness.

Dougherty goes on to explain, "There's something about the adventure and challenge of taking on nature without the aid of a hundred horsepower, jackplate and modern electronics suite...While the history of SUPs dates back to ancient Polynesian and Pacific Islanders as a simple and safe means of transportation and effective way to harvest the bounty of the ocean, the renaissance revolution of stand up paddle fishing has been dominated by one brand - BOTE Boards." While choosing the ideal platform BOTE considers the best techniques necessary so you don't have to; offering full-range angler friendly platforms but affordable, easy to transport and requiring practically zero maintenance.

The Ahab referred to as the 'flagship platform' by Florida Sport Fishing is the captain of all paddleboards made for adventure and fishing consisting of a deep V nose entry, double concave hull, raised platform rail, 3 stake out thru holes and 2 positions for both a tackle rac and cooler tie downs. With 14' long and 34" wide manufactured with EPS foam, fiberglass and epoxy it can hold up to 500lbs only weighing in at 45 lbs to be easily transported to your next journey. Florida Sport Fishing concludes by saying, "With a racing SUP pedigree, the Ahab easily glides across the water and cuts through chop with ease..." This is designed to get you to your destination quickly and quietly thus giving the advantage against other skiffs.

For the full read, pick up the 2014 Annual Shallow Water Issue of Florida Sport Fishing, we approve! 




Published on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 in News, Stories